Living In A Winter Wonderland

Okay...winter seems firmly in place. Although there is just a dusting of snow at my school, there's about three inches of snow in my yard. I live on the wrong side (or maybe it is the right side) of the snow band. It came late Tuesday/early Wednesday. Today the cold moved in. It was 15 degrees (F) with a respectable wind at 5:30 this evening. I've noticed the temp has dropped down to 8 degrees with a windchill of -7 as of right now. I'm glad I'm inside. We're supposed to hit zero by morning and not get above freezing for at least 10 days if even then. I think winter is hear to stay which up here means we may start thawing out by April. We do usually get a respite in January if and when the so-called January thaw comes.

Brrr! All this talk of cold weather is requiring me to go make a cup of hot chocolate...with whipped cream of course! There. That's better. A pair of fleece-lined slippers, a comfy sweater and a cup of hot chocolate. No whipped cream though because I remembered I had some marshmallows left over from Thanksgiving. I'd made candied yams.'s simple pleasures. It doesn't take much to satisfy us really. The problem is we often get deceived into thinking there's something better just beyond our reach. When we get The Promotion, when we marry The One, when we buy That Thing, we think we'll be happy. We step into what we think will be the perfect dream and suddenly discover that in reality the dream is a nightmare.

I'm living in a winter wonderland. The world around me is white and beautiful and yet it is also cold and deadly. Unprotected, I would eventually die of exposure. As a Christ-Follower, I live in a world which can have a lot of beauty yet evil and the results of evil abound and it can be deadly.

Christ is our protection! The LORD is our strong tower! He is our shelter! While we may be exposed to the elements of this world such as sorrow, sickness, pestilence, economic crisis, cruelty and famine we (and by we I mean the real us as opposed to our body) are protected by God. The wind, the cold and the snow may swirl around us but we have a hiding place (Christ) where we can wrap ourselves in the warm blanket of God's love, bask in the glow of the fire of the Holy Spirit, feel warm, cozy slippers on our feet and drink hot chocolate...with marshmallows (or whipped cream) of course.


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