Living In God's Place For The Moment

It is so easy to look at the lives of others and think, "If only I were living where they are." Common sense tells us the grass only appears greener on the other side of the fence but we're actually pretty short-sighted when it comes to things like this. We're sure that if we only had their job, their spouse, their money, their opportunities, their education, their children or their health our life would be so much easier.

It never occurs to us that we might actually be living in God's place for us. Ugh...we don't usually like the place God picks out for us. We like that big mansion down the street with all the beautiful landscaping and lots of servants. It has a nice pool and a beautiful garden with fountains and waterfalls. It's at the edge of a gorgeous lake and the view is incredible, especially at sunrise or sunset. I'm a Minnesota girl so I have a thing about water if you haven't noticed.

Instead, God brings you to a dilapidated fixer-upper and tells you to make sure you keep the welcome mat out for unexpected guests who could arrive any time of day or night. We're so busy whining that we fail to notice God is not hopping in the car and driving off. Instead he is making himself at home. He makes himself so much at home that we often fail to notice he is there helping us clean, scrape, paint, remodel, turn the soil, plant, etc. We complain, sometimes loudly, about all those people who drop in. If they'd only leave we could get something done. We don't realize they just helped us knock out a wall or fix the plumbing.

As a follower of Christ, God wants to be in the perfect place. Our problem is that our definition of the perfect place and God's definition of the perfect place often are not the same. God's definition isn't wrong. He's God and he knows far more than we do. We're the ones who are wrong and we're the ones who need to change our definition.

Right now you may be living in a dilapidated shack. There's holes in the floor and walls. The paint is peeling. It's too small. The plumbing leaks and you keep blowing fuses. It's too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. However, if we trust God and follow his instructions, one day we will look around and discover the shack is gone and in it's place is an unbelievable mansion. We didn't see it, but God did. God's place is the only place to live!

17And don't be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else. Where you are right now is God's place for you. Live and obey and love and believe right there. 1 Corinthians 7:16 (The Message)

K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·

Wow, no comments on this blog. Well, 8 years later, I will be the first.

If I had read this blog 3 months ago, I'd have given it a hearty :thumbs_up:

Now, I'm not so sure about this shack. I just don't understand how to live in this shack, the empty shell that was once my body. Or the house.

Just thankful for the faithful who are praying me through.

Beth M @blest ·

Once again, great analogy.

I used to crochet. I made beautiful things, from bedspreads to stuffed toys to afghans to sweaters, slippers, Christmas decorations, etc. People always told me how creative I was. ..

Creativity had NOTHING to do with it. I was just very good at reading patterns and following the directions. I never made anything without directions.

And, oh, I remember having to rip out rows and rows when I missed or added a stitch

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