Looking Beyond This Moment

A little while ago I found myself singing, The Greatness of Our God. As I sang, I thought about the words. I don't know about you but often I find myself to be rather short-sighted. I may say the right words and talk about faith but in reality, I sometimes struggle to look beyond the moment. I know I should and I know I must but in all honesty, sometimes it can be quite a challenge to do so. That's when I realize that I simply cannot do so on my own.

Only God can fully open our eyes to see more of Him. It is only through the revelation of the Holy Spirit that we can see "God at work". Only God can genuinely still our anxious heart and give us the strength and courage to cast aside our doubts and fears and step out in faith.

Often when I lie down to sleep, I remember a dark night when I nearly died in that bed. Fear will start to well up inside me and I do not want to go to sleep. It is then I remember I am never alone and that God has me tucked away safely in His hand. Does this mean I will never be in physical danger or that I will never face death again? Of course not! There will come a day when God calls my name and says, "It is time to come home now." When He does, I will find that He is waiting to take me by the hand and all is well.

This does not just apply to the moment that I take my last breath but all of my moments from birth through eternity. Because of Jesus Christ, I can look beyond the moment I am living in and remember that God is the God of Hope. Nothing can ever separate me from His love and He is not only the God of what has been and is, He is the God of what will be as well. We must learn to look beyond the moment and look at God.


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful reassurance of Gods faithfulness worked out in the furnace of faith.


Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·


Very well said and wmj as wmj notes ... trust borne out through the trials of real life and death struggles.

In Christ,


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