Looks Like A Snow Job To Me!

My dear, dear friends here at CB. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that... a crime has been committed and the suspect... the suspect is...
Oh... I cannot bear to say it. Okay, I simply must but remember the suspect Art Schnatterly (@aliveintheword), ummm... I mean The Suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

The suspect, by all appearances is a charming man, active in his church and a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He also is a great blogger. Do not be deceived! The evidence suggests that he has committed... a crime.

Last week, while I was off traveling in New England, Spring slipped into Minnesota. While my infamous snowbank was still there when I returned last Saturday, I actually saw... grass. You must understand that today marks the 20th week of snow cover so seeing grass was really a very big deal. Over the next couple of days, I watched the snow retreat from my yard back into the woods... almost. Then I woke up to snow yesterday and it snowed all day.

Where was Spring? I had just seen her. In fact, I'd seen some Canadian Geese flying overhead and usually she is with them. I looked and looked and then I saw... The Suspect. When I mentioned waking up to snow, The Suspect was gloating over the fact that he had slept with the window open! Hmm... that sounds very suspicious to me.

Now comes the worst part. I'd had half a mind to head off to Missouri to bring Spring back. They have had her down there for long enough. In fact, I heard from a reliable source down in Missouri that Summer has been knocking on the back door, down there, waiting for Spring to leave.
However, before I could do so I learned... Spring escaped from her captor! Yes, not only did the Suspect kidnap Spring, he lost her! Sigh...

I am hoping she will find her way back to where she belongs... I've heard that she has been spotted far to the south but she may be headed this way. It must be so because it may be 40F up here by next Tuesday. So if you see Spring, could you please tell her that @cowgirldiva and I are waiting for her? Thank you!


K :princess: