Love In Action

My friend Meredith called me about an hour ago. She had just arrived home from Phoenix. She was sorry she hadn't called earlier but her flight had been delayed. Anyways, she had been thinking about me and my husband and was just wondering if she could run out and grab us a bite to eat. She understood if we had already eaten but perhaps I could have it for lunch tomorrow. Oh Meredith! There was a time when I would have just said, "Don't trouble yourself." I know better now. I understand that you want to bless us and I'm learning to let people do that. Meredith isn't a friend who goes way back...we met last November, right before I got cancer.

Tiny purple primroses are sitting on my kitchen table, giving my kitchen a touch of spring. They came to me one Sunday morning in a bright yellow gift bag. I've never met the woman who gave them to me. She's taking an early Sunday morning Greek class at a different church and my husband is in that class as well. They've been praying for me and she just wanted to show me that she cares. Flowers from a stranger are a precious gift because there are vitually no strings attached. They simply say, "You are loved."

An interesting message showed up on my carepage last week. I didn't recognize the name. I opened it up and read the message. "We're praying for you." The xxxxxxxxx College Football Team. A secular college, young men I've never met...praying for me.

I sat wrapped in a beautiful prayer shawl knit for me by a woman I never met. The card simply said that each stitch was prayed over. It reminds me of God's enveloping love. :heart:
While it is possible to make all sorts of "noise" and not have love, I am reminded that true love is active and always bears fruit. All of these actions of love remind me that I am a princess of God and I in turn need to love like a princess of God! :princess: