Loving Within The Body of Christ---An Update On Shani's Sister

Many of you are acquainted with Shani from Australia. Last night while she was in chat, she learned that her little sister Jodie was being rushed to the hospital. As Shani left, prayers started to go up in the chatroom and I also posted a prayer request as well. This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Last January, I logged on to CB immediately after learning that my cousin was being airlifted for an emergency C-section. She was critically ill and the family was told the infection was too severe. Neither mother nor baby were expected to survive. You can read about My New Little Cousin Thanks For Your Prayers for yourself to see the amazing miracle we got to see unfold right here at CB.

The CB community came together a month later as we joined together on behalf of our CB brother Blessings2You as he underwent heart surgery and then again when he had to go to the emergency room due to life-threatening complications. I got a quick PM about that one and happened to be in chat with some other people. As B2Y and his wife Blest left for the hospital, they were aware that prayers had already started to go up for them around the world. A similar incident happened with Happytoberestored when her little girl was rushed to the hospital recently.

This is one of the things which makes CB unique. For many it is just a place to pass through or to blog. For others of us, it is a very unique blogging community. To me, this is an amazing community of believers who God used to help pull me through cancer treatment. It is an amazing community of brothers and sisters in Christ who choose to "do life together as they do life with God."

Yes, we are called to go out into the world but we must not forget to take care of "the Body" as well. Jesus commands us to love one another (John 13:34; John 15:12; and John 15:17) He does this for good reason. Loving and caring for one another is what makes the Body strong and healthy.

Shani sent me a PM this morning. Her little sister is not doing well. She is having a lot of pain. Here is part of what Shani wrote me:She is not in a good way at all. She was in class and they were playing a game called sleeping lions.. its where everyone lays on the ground and u gotta be still. anyway, the game finished and everyone got up except her. She couldnt move and the teacher thought she was playing. she then started vomitting and crying because she had a sharp stabbing pain in her lower abdomin so the school called the ambulance and yeah. I dont know whats happening, she is in bed and keeps blacking out at the moment.. I know Shani has stood beside many of us in prayer. I know she would appreciate prayers on behalf of her sister... and her family who need to know Christ.


K :princess:

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Do you know how old Jodi is?
I've posted a prayer in the prayer request section. Please keep us updated.


Kirk M @blessings2you ·

As one prayed for many times here and also as one of those who prayed diligently for k:princess: cousin last winter I know the power and the influence of the incredible prayer warriors on this site. My earnest heart's desire is to see us lift Jodi up with great faith and watch as God does what only He can do--heal and restore.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

@ Gracie

Jodi is eight years old, I believe...unless she recently had a birthday...:wink:

K :princess:


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