Mind Your Manners: Some Chatroom Tips and Etiquette

CB is a wonderful international community of people of all ages from many different backgrounds. Some people have lots of previous experience in cyberspace while others, like myself, had never really been involved in an online community too much prior to coming to CB. The vast majority of people who pass through CB never come into chat, however those who do find it a great way to get further connected with members here at CB.

I must confess that I never had gone into a chatroom prior to coming to CB. In fact, I was at CB for quite awhile before I even went into chat. A few months after joining CB, I underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation so that wasn't exactly the best time for me to venture into unknown territory. I eventually ventured in though and really do love chatting with my friends here at CB.

I quickly learned that there is such a thing as manners, even in cyberspace and especially in a chatroom. In fact, since we cannot see each other or hear one another, I think good manners are crucial in chat. So, I've put together some tips for good chatroom etiquette which will hopefully help people have a positive experience in chat. I also hope that those of you who are "experienced" in chat will feel free to add any insights/tips/comments as well.

  1. When entering the chatroom, remember you are entering a room where people are probably engaged in an ongoing conversation. Do not be offended if you are not greeted the second you enter the room as we may be mid-sentence, trying to help a friend who is in crisis, etc. We also may not have noticed that you entered the room. Sometimes there is a slight delay.

  2. Please respond to greetings even if you are just popping in to check things out for a moment. There is a text box under the dialogue box. If you click on it, your cursor will appear. If you say nothing in response to greetings it makes you appear to be unfriendly or rude, just like in the real world. In all fairness, we try to remember this might be your first time and you are trying to learn the ropes. That's okay, we've all been there.

  3. Just like in the real world, it may take a bit of time to get acquainted. Some of us have become very good friends over the course of a year or more. We love to meet new people but remember that developing friendships generally takes some time. This means you may have to come into chat a few times before you feel like you are making some new friends.

  4. Ask questions! You are in a new place for the first time. No one expects you to know everything all at once. We all were right where you are at one time, venturing onto foreign territory. We love to show people around chat and around CB!

  5. Remember that the sharing of email addresses, phone numbers and other personal contact information is not permitted in chat nor anywhere else on CB. Premier/gold members can request the personal information of another premier/gold member via the Personal Contact Information System. It is wise to read the highlighted blog about exchanging personal contact information very carefully and be sure to ask if you have any questions. It is better to be safe than sorry!

  6. Always say goodbye if you are leaving. Seriously. We can't see you and if you don't tell us you're leaving all we hear is a door slamming. We don't know if you're just leaving, if we've offended you, or what. Also, sometimes the chatroom gremlins come in and people get booted out against their will. Usually they manage to get back in but seriously, it is just common courtesy to let us know that you are now leaving, otherwise we are left wondering if you were abducted! LOL!

These are just a few tips for those of you who are considering venturing into chat for the first time. I should warn you though... although we do have some serious conversations and there is a prayer room, more often than not you will just find a group of friends who are having a good time doing life together as they all do life together with God.

See ya in chat!

K :princess:

Anita Sorensen @2gvhmpraz ·

Very good points K. A couple of additions and suggestions - 1.) recently while in chat there seems to be a glitch that sends a note to you that says you are sending messages too fast. Don't think that means that any ONE ID is sending messages too fast - perhaps the systems is receiving more than one at the same time from one or more in the chatroom at the same time and the last one trying to send a message gets the 'lockout' message??? At any rate, it locks up your system, you can't even say goodbye. [As we had experienced last evening with you, Shani and me :0 ] It still shows you logged into CB, but you can't chat. So log out, log back in and viola - you're back with your friends.

2.) It is very true that there are lag times and one may not be greeted right away. That is the norm in any chat situation. However, after the new entry is greeted, as in any form of chat room, the new or newly entered guest should not be ignored for the sake of 'small' talk to be pursued. Yes, there are sometimes some very appropriate learning or helpful conversations going on and should be allowed to be completed. Yes it takes a few minutes of lag to greet the new entry. Meanwhile those chatting should be considerate of including those that have entered in the chatroom. Sometimes just greeting is not enough. They should be encouraged to join in the conversation. Especially by 'experienced' CBers. Perhaps by asking them questions about what they have found helpful or enjoyable in their experiences in CB. Or even something as simple as asking them if they have any questions. In other chatrooms there are typically 'moniters' that will perhaps introduce new comers. Don't think we need that here in CB chatroom. We should be able to take that step on our own. I'm bold...I'll plunge right in, but a lot of hurting and searching people might not be...and considering the 'motto' of CB, this is a perfect place to make it happen.

3.)There's a lot of intricacies in learning your way to navigate the wonderful world of CB. For those just joining or experiencing a chatroom situation for the first time - put on your BOLD hat and trudge right in. Go to chat and ask questions!! Don't be intimidated, don't be ignored, ask until you get an answer! Like K said, they love to help. Just like in the real world, you may walk into a room and people may not notice you for a minute because they are so engrossed in their own world. However, if you walk up to them and say something and continue chatting, they will respond.

4.) Perhaps a blog can be done to teach chatroom acronyms -€œshorthand€ and people can add things as it goes. Or add it in the box of already SMILIES and SOUNDS. I.E. brb = be right back btw = by the way lol = Lots of laughs etc. etc. Remember just because one might be experienced and understand, in order to understand where these €˜newbies' are coming from, we need to rewalk that mile in their shoes. Best advice for new comers to help grasp some knowledge on your own: 1.) ASK, ASK, ASK 2.) Click on everything until you figure it out.

'Old hats' can extend some help, but new comers can step up to the plate as well. That way we can all work together to help each other. God bless the ones that ask new comers to become friends instead of new comers having to ask to become friends!

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Thanks for the tips. I haven't been brave enough to step in there yet, my mind and finger may be too slow! But one day, when I do, be patient! billy.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Excellent advice K:princess:. Hopefully we will see some more people in chat!