My Cup Is Overflowing...And So Is Yours

February of 2008 was a very difficult time for me. I was home recovering from breast cancer treatment when it was confirmed that my tumor was what was known as "triple negative". Triple negative breast cancer is an aggressive form of breast cancer which has a much high rate of recurrence than most other types of breast cancers. Unlike most other breast cancers, there are no known drugs which can be taken to prevent/inhibit recurrence. Triple negative breast cancer accounts for 15% of breast cancers. Typically most occurrences happen within the first two years. If it recurs, your prognosis is very poor so generally it is recommended that triple negatives undergo chemotherapy and radiation post-surgery as that is the only known treatment... that works.

I awakened abruptly on the morning of February 12, 2007. Normally I do not recall my dreams but this one I remembered quite clearly. In fact, I wrote about here at CB that morning. The blog is entitled My Cup Runneth Over.

I got to thinking about that blog last week and looked it up. I needed the reminder. It occurred to me that some of us may need one too. If you don't need it now, perhaps you will in the future. I won't repeat the dream here but I'd like to encourage you to follow the link and take a look at it, if you have the time.

While I am not facing the "challenge" of cancer at the moment, I do have a new challenge looming on the horizon. I suspect that many of us are either currently facing challenges of our own or... have one looming on the horizon as well. Life is filled with challenges you know. It is a part of belonging to the human race. We face challenges and being a Christian does not exempt us from that.

However, even as we face those challenges we must remember that God has given us the resources to overcome every challenge that we face... through Christ Jesus. Whether He removes the mountain or requires us to ascent it, He will be with us every step of the way. He gives us exactly what we need; when we need it.
He fills our cup to overflowing and gives us the strength to carry on... even when we are certain we cannot take another step.

My cup is overflowing... and so it yours!


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