My Father's Hands

It was early morning but my dad was already up with his drawing board on his lap. How I loved to watch my dad draw! My drawings were dismal affairs but my dad could take a blank piece of paper and within moments, something wonderful would appear before my eyes. This was and still is, amazing to me.

I confidently slipped over to his side only to have him hide what he was doing from my view. Ah! That meant what he was working on was for me! He wanted to surprise me! Though I was eager to see the picture, I was danced with anticipating. I love surprises!

After my little "dance" was over, I sat down to watch my dad draw. What he was working on remained hidden from my view but how I loved to watch his hands. They weren't in the least bit like mine which have stumpy, clumsy fingers. No, his fingers were long, slender and skillful. How I longed to have hands like his! Sigh... I might not have them but even if I didn't, my father did!

I watched as he carefully drew the lines. Sometimes his brow would furrow and he would erase something, it was not quite right and he wanted the picture to be perfect. Others might not notice the flaw but this was for his daughter and it must be perfect.

While what he was working on was hidden from my view, I knew that it would not always be so. I would wait and when he was ready to reveal it to me, I knew it would be wonderful!

Ever since I was a child, when I think about the "hands of God", I envision the hands of my dad. Though he could often be very impatient, he was never so when he was creating a work of art. He would diligently labor over it until it was just right. Often times, I could not envision what it would look like when it was finished but that didn't matter. He did.

I love to watch God's hands at work. Sometimes, He will give me a glimpse of what He is working on but sometimes He will hide it from my view. While I often do not understand why He drew this line over there in that particular manner, He does and He knows that line, even if it appears insignificant, must be a part of the picture.

When He is ready, God will allow me to fully see the beautiful masterpiece He is working on... just for me. Until that time, I must sit patiently with anticipation knowing that it will be glorious!


K :princess: