My Friends Are Your Friends

I've been reading some wonderful comments on Women of Faith. That along with the fact that I'm about to meet eight women for dinner whome I barely know, has gotten me to thinking about the importance of women to women fellowship.

The first year I went to Woman of Faith, I was somewhat reluctant to go. Everyone I knew seemed to have something going on. No one from church was going and a friend who had planned to go with me was unable to at the last minute.

I remember feeling so uneasy and alone. I felt really hesitant about going. Everyone (at least I thought so) was going to be there with their friends and I'd be alone. Isn't that the kind of stuff the enemy tries to tell us? I remember suddenly thinking "I never am alone." and headed off.

When I got there, I found a spot by myself (sort of). Two women walked up to me out of the blue and asked me if I was alone. They invited myself and another woman to join their group. We had a fabulous time! We all went out to lunch. One woman was so impressed by the fact that two of us came completely on our own that she bought us lunch. She felt like God had just introduced her to two of his friends.

I got to thinking about that. It was true. I went to WOF with Jesus and he introduced me to a whole bunch of his friends. It was great. Although it's been a few years ago, I have never forgotten it. I've also made it a point to watch for women who might be on their own. Some people, of course, might want some solitude, I trust God to lead me to the right people and he has.

All too often, we as women allow our insecurities to prevent us from taking risks. We live in a society that paints a portrait of what it considers to be the "perfect woman". We're supposed to look and act a certain way and if we don't....well...we're unloveable, unworthy, etc.

I just want to give a word of encouragement to women everywhere. You are beautiful and precious in God's sight. You are the very apple of his eye. No one else is loved more or more important than you. No matter where you've been or what you've done; He already knows everything (you can't hide anything from him) but loves us with his amazing love inspite of ourselves. You are never alone and he will never leave you. That is a promise from Jesus himself!

Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to earn God's love? We already have it! When you put your hand in His and walk with Him, you can go places you never thought you could go; do things you never thought you could do and meet people you never dreamed you would meet. Not only does He become our friend, He introduces us to others who are His friends and your life becomes richer and fuller in ways you could never imagine. I wonder what God will do with each of us next?

Madeleine Lewis @maddie ·

Thanks for that. I needed to hear that today.

Jeanne Rugg @naninthesun ·

I also appreciate your post. We moved to a new area about 4 years ago, and I've only made one friend since moving here. It's not to say I haven't talked with people, or not done things with people, but there has been only one friend I really trust since moving here. Honestly, sometimes I think I'll never have that deep fellowship again. We've had some bad church moments since moving here, ones that have sort of sent me into a shell. I've always sort of held my heart out there, and now I don't. We're at a new church and I feel like I'd just rather not expose my heart than meet new women. It's been really hard. Just when I think I'm ready to take that step again, I remember the pain of the past 4 years. It was good to be reminded by someone who is willing to take that step. Thanks for sharing.


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