My Life Is In Him!

How I love it when I awaken to singing in the morning. No, I am not talking about the radio or anything like that. I mean when you awaken and realize that a song is flowing through your mind and your heart is rejoicing. You realize that although you have been "asleep" you have been in fellowship with God. :dance:

This morning, I awakened to these words:

My life is in you Lord
My strength is in you Lord
My hope is in you Lord
In you, its in you

I will praise you with all of my life
I will praise you with all of my strength
With all of my life, with all of my strength
All my hope is in you

Oh! How good it is to know that my life is in God. He is my strength! He is my hope! He is my joy! He is my salvation! He puts a song in my heart which the "darkness" cannot destroy! I am tucked away in His hands and nothing can snatch me out of them!

Let us live this day... and all of our days, remembering who we are in Christ Jesus and let us share the Good News with the world that they can be that as well!


K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·

Yes, what wonderful days those are! All too often we awaken to other 'songs'. Blessings, may we awaken more and more with a song in our heart, blest


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