My Most Memorable Mother's Day Gift

The most memorable Mother's Day gift I ever got is sitting on the bookcase right behind me at the moment. When my son was young, he accidentally broke a "smiley" my dad (who passed away when I was 16) had made me. A smiley is a ceramic figure with great big eyes with a huge smile spread across it's face. My smiley was a fisherman who was holding his prize catch. My dad always made them with green eyes and brown hair... like he had.

When my son was about 12, he discovered that a ceramic shop down the street had smileys. He went there one day and told the owner his story and how he would like to replace the smiley he had broken. The owner quoted him a price and he started to save his money.

On Mother's Day, he presented me with a box. I pulled out the little fisherman and gazed at it with delight. Some of the colors were different and of course, my dad hadn't made it but the same face smiled up at me. I was very touched by the thought and gave my son a hug.

However, there was more...

There was something else inside the box. I reached in and unwrapped another smiley figure. This smiley was a football player whose uniform matched that of my son's and like my son's, his eyes were blue.

Every once in a while, when I am at my computer, I turn to look at the two little guys standing on my bookcase and I smile. They are a constant reminder to me that my son loves me and I love him!


K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

awww. this is sweet and these little smileys are cute :)

good work daniel ;)

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Enjoyed. And you enjoy those smileys. Awesome from a 12 year old.

God Bless

Stephanie Johnschafer @sjschafer ·

Thoughtful children are a blessing. Those simple presents will always be the most special. My husband has a nativity that used to belong to his mother with little 2" figures. When he was 7 or 8, he decided to give his mother a new "Mary" figure, never realizing that the new figure was about 3 times bigger than the others. He said that she loved it and never mentioned that it was bigger than the other figures. Through the years, it became a source of amusement with the family. "Big Mary," they call her. His mother passed a few years ago, and the nativity was passed to his oldest sister. She passed two years ago, and as we cleaned her little house, Scott found a box with the words, "Surprise!" written on the top. We opened it and it was the Nativity, and after 50 years, Big Mary was still there, nestled among her smaller companions, a tribute to a son's love for his mother, and a mother's love for her son.
God Bless your Mother's Day,

Celeste Owens @drceleste ·

I love that story, thanks for sharing. I remember as a teen my mother allowed me to wear her high school class ring - I had been asking to wear it for months - and I lost it at a friend's house. I felt terrible but had no way of replacing it. Now you have me thinking...I may be able to replace it after all with a little research. Tell your son I said thanks for the inspiration! :)