My Problem, Our Problem or God's Problem

I'm currently reading a book called, "Fix It! Whose problem is it?" by Rob Ketterling. The author breaks the problems we encounter into three catergories of responsibility. 

The first category is the type of problems that are our own responsibility to solve. The second category is the type of problems that are the responsibility of others. The third category is the type of problems that only God can fix.Our failure to identify who is responsible to "fix it" leads to stress, frustration, anger and not surprisingly, failure.

Some of us struggle with trying to do everything ourselves. Sometimes it is because we believe we must be able to handle everything that life throws our way or we are a failure. Sometimes it is because we believe no one else can do it right except us or we might feel that others will fail us so we carry the burden alone. 

No one can do everything all of the time. If we are honest with ourselves, we realize that there are problems that we either do not know how to handle, do not have the resources to handle, someone else can handle it better or we simply do not have time to do so and need to delegate the responsibility of it to someone else.

Last year, when I wanted to save money on insurance, I didn't shop around for the best rates like I had done in the past. I hired an insurance broker, an independent agent instead. He had the knowledge and the resources to do the job much more efficiently than I did. 

Instead of spending a lot of time getting and comparing quotes as well as weighing the pros and cons, my agent did all the footwork and presented me with a comparison chart of his findings.

A month before my policies expired, I heard from my agent once again. He had shopped on my behalf once again and I am going to be saving about $250.00 this year.

I didn't spend hours contacting insurance companies. I didn't wonder if the policy would be sufficient or if there was a discount that hadn't been taken into consideration. That's what happens when you let the right people handle the problem instead of trying to handle everything yourself. 

Often, we shove problems onto God expecting Him to solve them when in reality, they are our problems to solve. A good example of this is when people are in financial crisis. They run to God wanting Him to fix it but fail to realize that often this is something they need to fix. 

That fix will require some effort on their part. They may need to find a new job or take on a second job. They may need to sell some things or look for ways to cut their expenses. They may need to create a realistic budget and stick with it. In other words, we need to use the brains God has given us rather than sit back and expect God to do what we are perfectly capable of doing.

Then there are the problems that only God can solve. Only God can change hearts. Only God can make the impossible, possible. Only God can perform miracles. 

Is it a you problem, a them problem or a God problem?

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