News Flash! Summer Is Missing!


I have just learned from a reliable source, Shani Matthews (@shanijane), that summer is missing! Yes, it had arrived safely in OZ (Australia) earlier this year. In fact, Shani had promised to send it back this direction... eventually, sometime after Christmas. Tonight, however, she has reported to me that summer is... missing!

This, of course, is a world-wide disaster which affects us all. I should have suspected this earlier. While being buried under several feet of snow is normal for me, I should have become suspicious when some strange things started to happen.

Linda Young (@savedbyegrace) reported snow in the Atlanta area earlier last week. I attributed that to a super-speedy delivery of a Minnesota White Christmas Kit which she has ordered (she is my most loyal customer). However, that did not explain the protests I have heard from Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@Bethy) in Ireland who claimed a MWCK was delivered to her in error. I could understand that happening once but twice.

Sigh... I must confess that I erroneously told her that it must either be a Wyoming White Christmas Kit (WWCK) or a New Brunswick White Christmas Kit (NBWCK) sent by either @childlikeheart or Christopher Quek (@arisensleeper) respectively.

I should have taken heed to the winter storm warnings Kirk M (@Blessings2you) has been predicting and alerting me about. Trust me, B2Y knows about weather. Did I listen? No. I just chalked it up to normal winter weather. You can't blame me really for it is normal winter weather... if you live in Minnesota at least. Sigh...

Now, however, I have discovered that poor Shani is down there in OZ wrapped up in a blanket and ... shivering. This is not normal summer weather in OZ. I was not aware of this for when I last talked to Alison Stewart (@Kiwibird), things were nice and warm down under.

This leads me to believe that this is a rather recurrence. I figure that here at CB we span the globe. If anyone can find summer... it is us! So, be on the lookout for summer. It's gotta be around her somewhere.
Reward? Reward? Is that all you people care about is rewards? Aren't any of you concerned about the Oceanians?

Oh, okay... if you spot summer, you can split it with the Oceanians... if they are agreeable to that of course. Just remember though, if we do not find summer then those of us in the northern hemisphere won't get it when it is our turn either.


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Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I have a question if I may...

if I find Summer, is it a case of finders keepers?

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

it is a catastrophe!! christmas is 5 sleeps away and im still in my winter pyjamas and i also pulled out another doona for my bed!! if this weather continues.. christmas will be... it will be.. not right! Oceanians will not know what to do!! it will cause mass confusion for everyone! if summer is found.. i beg that it is returned to us over here. Alison Stewart (@kiwibird) and i will turn our backs, so whoever has it will remain anonymous and we will speak no more of it. we are yet to experience summer for this year and im starting to get cold.

ps. mum, no not this time. im cold and wanna dig my swimmers and boardies out so i can go swim!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Dear Friends,

Oh dear, this is so embarrassing! The clock is just about to tick over to midnight and I am sitting outside in teeshirt and 3/4 pants! I really hadn't realised that we had lost summer, I just got so excited when we had some rain. Tonight the air is filled with the chirruping of cicadas and the scent of some sweet perfumed flowers. I like the Far North!

I admit I haven't been swimming yet (I think Irish and his fishing expedition put me off) but the paddling pool will be out over the next few days as our grandson will be here. The shade sail is up and the entertainment ready. I wish people had listened to me when I invited them here to celebrate Christmas.


PS I am sending you warm blessings...can you feel them?

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

ok. so maybe its just australia who is missing summer. its been cold and the rain has filled all the dams back up. infact, the north of australia is under water!! if its not bushfires, its floods. all i want is the sun to appear.. asap!

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Well, I don't see my name and state on here, but I am gonna tell ya anyhow.:eek: Keep the door shut! We are feeling a little cold air coming down from there, and we do not appreciate it. Month of May will straighten it out here in U.S. Merry Christmas folks. Wherever yun's are.

John Vorhees @john1515 ·

I think it has something to do with the internet. I wanted some rain to help the farmers and I ordered from some place in Hawaii. Just a little bit. Now we have flood warnings! It's rained 5 days straight! My charge card is over it's limit! :pray: I hope the other Californians don't find out I had anything to do with it. Maybe I'll hide? John1515


sigh That darn global warming...




Yes-the winter conditions are my fault! LOL! Rain and snow follow me everywhere I go! In all candidness-Have a very Merry Blessed Christmas!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird · this the time to mention that I was out gardening until 9pm last night - planting the cuttings that I did 3 weeks ago? AND I went around a couple of vege gardens the day before...tomato plants nearly as tall as me; oodles of other veges having to be picked daily...sigh. I can't wait for Irish to build those raised beds so I can get planting. Oh... did I mention the STRAWBERRIES? :dinner:

Bethy can't get out of the airport but, does anyone else want to come for Christmas? Oh, did I mention we are going swimming tomorrow? Clear water, white sand...sigh...I guess someone has to put up with it!

kissy, kissy

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