No Is Also An Answer

This evening, as I was watching a video on the life of Amy Carmichael, the narrator shared a story about Amy which I first heard when I was a young girl. I didn't know it at the time but this story would have a profound effect on my life and how I view what many people referred to as "unanswered prayer". 

From her infancy, Amy had been taught that God answered prayers. As a young child, Amy wanted to have beautiful blue eyes like her mother instead of what she believed to be plain, ugly brown eyes. She knew that nothing was too hard for God. He created her and so she decided one night to ask God to give her blue eyes.

The next morning, she jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror to gaze into her new blue eyes. To her shock, the only thing she saw was a pair of brown eyes, beginning to fill with tears. God had not answered her prayer!

Amy then heard someone say, "Isn't no an answer?"

Many years later, as a missionary in India, Amy learned about the plight of children who had been sold to temples and the terrible acts that were committed against them. It became her life's mission to disguise herself as an Indian woman in order to gain access to the temples and rescue children. When she began this dangerous mission, one of her colleagues told her that it was a good thing her eyes were brown instead of blue. 

Amy thought back to her prayer long ago and realize that God had a very good reason for saying no. He always does. He knew the plan He had for her life, the mission that He wanted her to do and yes, to effectively carry it out she needed brown eyes instead of blue.

It is very hard when God tells us know. We don't like no. Especially when we want to hear yes. Sometimes however, God does say no and when He does we simply must trust Him... no matter what!


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I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in December 2007, a few months after I joined CB and went through treatment. Two years later, without any warning, a cerebral aneurysm ruptured when I was asleep. It is only by the grace of God that I not only survived but that I am able to type these words today. Though we may face trouble, we do not have to be victims of our circumstances, we can be victors over them through Jesus Christ. (Romans 8:35-39)

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