Not Everything Which Claims To Be Of God Is Of God--Be Watchful!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

We must always remember that just because something claims to be of God does not mean that it is of God. The Word of God warns us of this over and over again. We are told that we must take heed. Jesus himself warned us about this.
So, how do we differentiate between that which is Truth and that which is not? The Apostle John specifically deals with this issue in 1 John 4. He begins by reiterating that we must not believe every spirit or teaching. We must be diligent in testing them in order to ensure that they are of God. John goes on to tell us how we can differentiate between the Spirit of God and the spirit of the antichrist.This is very serious! Any spirit which denies the deity and incarnation of Jesus Christ is the spirit of antichrist not the Spirit of God!

I have to tell you, I shudder whenever someone makes even the slightest suggestion that Jesus was a prophet or a man. Sometimes I think this is may be done unintentionally out of ignorance. We hear the world speak about Jesus and we foolishly get caught up using the same types of phraseology. As Christians we must watch what we say about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We must not be careless or flippant when speaking about Jesus and we certainly have no business parroting what the world says! If we continue to do that, we are in danger of entangling ourselves and others in the net of the spirit of antichrist.

The first chapter of John tells us exactly who Jesus is. Jesus is God. He was there in the beginning. All things were made by him. He is God. To deny this is the spirit of antichrist. There's no wiggle room here. It doesn't matter what someone else says or if you don't personally believe it. God's Word is very clear about this. If you don't believe this you have a spirit that is not of God. Jesus Christ is God incarnate. He became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus is not a "man" that the Spirit of God just descended upon one day. He is God who became flesh and dwelt among us. He did this so that we might know him. Anyone or anything which denies the incarnation of Jesus has the spirit of antichrist and is not of God. Once again, God's Word is very clear about this.

I am addressing this issue because our society, like that of the early church has been saturated with the spirit of antichrist. It's in the media, it's in our schools, it's in our politics, it's in our workplaces, it's everywhere. As Christians, we need to speak out against it. As Christians, we need to instruct babes in Christ or those who are weaker so that they are not deceived.

Jesus Christ, God, made himself a little lower than the angels and became flesh. He was 100% God and 100% man. He dwelt among us and died so that we might be saved through his blood. He rose on the third day and now sits at the right hand of the Father as our advocate. He is the only way to reconciliation with God. and While we may not always see eye to eye on everything, this is the very foundation of Christianity! To deny these things is the spirit of antichrist. That may sound harsh but this is serious business. We cannot afford to play around. We must pay attention to God's Word regardless of what someone else may think or say.

May we all soberly be on guard at all times that we might not be deceived. May we follow Christ so that those in our world may come to know him also. May every word which comes out of our mouth be that of Christ Jesus and not our own.

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

Amen!! Preach it sister!:clap: We must be on the look out!!

Wonderful blog!:)

-Golden :flower:

Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·


You took the words of my heart and gave them LIFE!


We MUST be vigilant and we MUST be unwavering on the foundation of our belief -- that JESUS is the ONLY Way.

Period, end of story, no wiggle room.

May we speak in love at all times and be of a gentle spirit, but always remembering this: Jesus Christ did not come to bring peace, but to bring SALVATION. He is the ONLY Truth.

Praise GOD for your blog this morning, my dear sister!


Much love in Christ!



Kirk M @blessings2you ·

thank you for having the boldness to "lay it on the line" regarding this "pillar of the faith". There are so many deceiving doctrines of devils out there that are spewing forth from the mouth of the spirit of antichrist. We must redouble our efforts to stay ever so vigilant and not allow anything to sneak in unaware.
Great post and
Blessings 2 You


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