Not I, But Christ

It is impossible for us to save ourselves. That's why we need a savior and that Savior is Jesus Christ.

When we fall at His feet, confess our sins and repent does this mean we save ourselves? While some suggest that is exactly what we are saying, I vehemently disagree. The Holy Spirit convicts us and reveals to us that we are dead in our sins and that Jesus Christ came to give us Life. He invites us to follow Him. Will we?

From the way we behave sometimes, you would think that we were our own savior. We smugly pat ourselves on the back and boast to others of what we have done and continue to do. I'm not talking about about sharing the Good News nor sharing our testimony. I am saying that we must be very careful to remember, it is all about Christ... not us.

The way we carry on, you would think that we are The Savior. We make up all sorts of lists to live by and then demand that others live by them too. We often claim that these lists came from God but in reality, we wrote them, and in order to be saved, everyone must follow the rules on our list. C.S. Lewis addresses this issue in his book entitled, "The Pilgrim's Regress". Legalism. It is an age-old problem.

If following "The List" is what makes us right with God, there would have been no need for Christ to have suffered and died for our sins. When we strive to instruct others, as we should as we grow in Christ, we must never forget this. It is not following a list of do's and don't's which make us right with God. It is Christ and Christ alone. As we spend time with Him in study, in prayer and in fellowship, alone with him or in the company of others, we will naturally become more like Him in our daily life.


K :princess:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Uh Oh. I have a list in my next blog. - bibleguy

Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

Amen K! It's all about the fear of the Lord.

Legalism, religiosity... these are exactly the things that Jesus came to tear down. He built His temple, let us worship in it.

Grace to you,


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