Not My Will But Thine

How easily these words can drop from our lips in prayer at times, "Not my will but thine." We might say the words, but are they true or do we just say them because they sound and look good? What do they really mean? By saying the words, "Not my will but thine", we are suggesting that God's will may sometimes differ from our own will. We are declaring that when this happens, we want to lay aside our will, and take up His. We say these words but do we really mean them?

It is so easy to say these words when God's will appears to be in conjunction with our own. We love to quote these words then. We sigh, try to look humble and slowly and majestically say those words. Let's stop kidding ourselves and be honest. God is not fooled for one second. He knows whether or not we desire His will or desire Him to do our will. They are not the same!

In order to be able to truthfully pray, "Not my will by thine", we must trust God. We must trust Him even if we are confronted by a giant, surrounded by lions in a deep pit, or the flames from the furnace are busily consuming everything around us.

Is it easy to trust God during those times? Absolutely not! This is why we must ask God to help us to walk by faith rather than by sight. This is when we must ask Him to help us see things through His eyes rather than our own. This is when we must remember that His will is so much greater and better than our own.

Are we willing to pray this prayer when we walk a road of loneliness, suffering or grief or is it a prayer reserved only for when the path pleases us?


K :princess:

Maria Abigail Guevarra @purifymyheart ·

Exactly what i needed to hear.
thanks for sharing :princess: K

I remember a time when i decided that GOD would call the shots regarding my career and later on regret it coz of the long "waiting season". Bt it was also those time that GOD was molding my heart (He continue to do so) in preparation for what's ahead of me.

Truly, His will is much better and greater than ours. We just need to trust and obey. May the LORD give us the grace to do so. :)

:flower:Blessings, Abbie