Nothing Can Separate Us From His Love

I tried to form a prayer in my mind to cry out to God for help on that cold, winter night but the words would not form. It was like words were scrambled up letters which would not connect. They slid to the ground as I stared at them helplessly, not knowing how to even stoop down and scoop them up.

Unable to move or speak under my own power, or even form words in my mind, I had been rendered completely helpless. There was activity going on all around me but I was separated from it, unable to interact with my world. That made absolutely no difference to God.

Reaching through the "nothingness", He did something no one else on earth could do. He reached me right where I was and I knew it. I knew very little else and had absolutely no sense of touch or even emotions whatsoever. All of those things had been switched off as my body desperately focused on protecting my brain from further injury and sustaining life.

The words written in Romans 8:38-39 have taken on a whole new meaning for me since that night. They are not mere words; He has proved to me that they are true. Nothing, NOTHING can separate us from His love. Nothing.


K :princess:


I love this verse. I love it because I can get out of bed in the morning and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what assaults me that day I am secure in the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus my Lord.

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