Now Where's My Meter?

When a person is undergoing cancer treatment, their blood gets checked... a lot. I had a choice at the start of chemo. I could either take my chances of having my veins collapse due to all that needle poking and harsh drugs that were being injected into them or I could get a port placed in my chest near my collarbone. I opted for the port and I'm glad I did. I actually miss the little guy from time to time.

Due to all the constant bloodwork I was having, diabetes was unable to slip in unnoticed like it usually does. In about 10 months I went from being a non-diabetic to a diabetic, completely skipping "pre-diabetes" altogether. They say it would have happened eventually but the stress of chemo was simply too much for my pancreas. Sigh...

Diabetes is a rather interesting disease. There is no cure for it but it can often be managed rather successfully. People soon discover though that simply taking diabetes medication is not enough to effectively manage this disease. It takes more of an effort on your part. An effort which includes diet, exercise and regularly testing your blood sugar. It means seeing your doctor regularly, having your feet inspected regularly and making sure your dentist is aware that you are a diabetic so that they can treat you accordingly. All of these last things are done in order to help manage the secondary effects of diabetes.

Because in it's beginning stages it is a rather silent disease, it is easy to get lax in doing the things you need to do. You may even feel just fine, in fact. That makes it easy to become neglectful. I know. I've been there.

Over the past few months, I've really been working on being much more conscientious about things like diet, exercise and not forgetting my meds. Now, I can do all of those things but the real "proof" that I am managing my diabetes well happens when I check my meter. That tells the real story.

The other day, I had some rather extensive dental work done. Despite that, I felt great that day. I'd exercised, I'd eaten right, I'd taken my meds. I was good. I took my blood sugar shortly before going to bed and :eek:

It was 300! I'd never seen it so high! Actually, it was extremely high when I was in intensive care a couple of years ago and they were giving me insulin but I was blissfully unaware of all that. At least, that's what my husband says happened, LOL!

Oh no! It was supposed to be less than 130 and it was 300. Sigh... what had happened? "Maybe the meter is broken," I thought hopefully. No, I'd just gotten new test strips and tested it the day before. It was fine. My mind raced over the events of the day and then I remembered my dental work. They had given me drugs, my body had been under a lot of stress and when that happens, your blood sugar can really shoot up.

The first thing I did the next morning was check my blood sugar. It was still a bit high but much better. Whew! Then I contacted my doctor via email telling her what happened. My doctor likes to keep a close eye on me because she doesn't trust me. :wink:

Sure enough, she got back to me a couple of hours later. She asked a few questions and I gave her a few more details. Then since it had been a few hours since I'd last eaten, she told me to check my blood sugar again. Whew! It was 123. That was good!
I've been watching it closely for the past few days and all is well. It appears to have just been a spike due to the medication but I'll never know unless I keep checking my meter.

As Christians, things can slip up on us unawares. We feel perfectly fine but deep within our hearts, trouble may be brewing. You see, there is this disease called sin which is eager to silently slip in. Often, we may not notice it but the Holy Spirit does. He tests our heart but we must look at the results. Often we do not want to do so. We just want to be blissfully oblivious to what is happening in side of us. After all, we feel fine.

We need to be willing to look at the results of our "meter". Then and only then will we know what our spiritual state of being really is and what we need to do to change it if necessary.


K :princess:


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