Old Habits Die Hard So Pay Attention!

Rats! I'd done it again. You'd think after five and a half months I would have learned by now. I guess I'm a slow learner or perhaps old habits do indeed die hard. While those who know me might disagree, I prefer to think the latter is true.

I stared at the shampoo in the palm of my hand. I had the perfect amount in my hand. I mean, I had the perfect amount for a full head of hair which cascaded over your shoulders. Unfortunately, my hair is only about 1/4-1/2 inch long and just covers my head! I sighed. I've had long hair most of my life. As a child, my mother was always trying to cut it. She succeeded a few times despite my howls of protest. Fortunately, my dad preferred my hair long as well and he was able to protect me except for a couple of times when my mom managed to sneak past him. My mom was forced to wear long hair as a child and she absolutely abhors it. I sighed. Someday I would need that amount again but for the moment...

I got to thinking about habits we have. Some habits are excellent ones. Others are pretty bad. It seems like it is much easier to lose the good habits rather than the bad habits. They're like a boomarang. We try to throw them away but they always seem to be trying to come back. We can run but it seems like we can't hide from our bad habits. If we do succeed in not picking them up again, they always seem to be lurking in the background just waiting to make a move on us.

As Christ Followers, we need to be aware of our bad habits. Many people have testified about how God has delivered them completely from bad habits. That's wonderful! Unfortunately, more often than not God seems to want us to learn how to master our bad habits. He wants us to learn how to be in control of them.

It would be wonderful if God would simply take away desires such as overeating. You could pray, God would fix everything and you could go on your merry way but what exactly have you learned? On the other hand, you could ask God to help you make wise choices and make you more aware of things that trigger your bad habit. You could ask him to help you make a plan of action you can follow which would help you conquer the bad habit. Then you can choose to follow the plan he has provided you with. You can use the resources he has made available to you. You can apply the what you have learned to your life and above all, you can choose to listen to God rather than to your flesh.

Old habits do die hard. We need to accept the fact that even if we master them, they often lurk about in the wings waiting to make an entrance during an unguarded moment. If we can remember that and avoid complacency, we can keep those bad habits where they belong.

K :princess:

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Great point! It makes sense to me that rather than a sudden deliverance from bad habits, the Lord wants us to master them. That makes a great witness and evidence of transformed life.

Thanks for sharing


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