On Whom Do You Stand?

I live in the middle of North America. I never even saw the ocean until I was 16 years old and I was peering down at it from an airplane headed for Europe. However, about 150 miles north of where I lived as a child lies Lake Superior, the largest freshwater body of water (surface area not mass) in the world.

Lake Superior is famous for it's storms. With an average temperature in the summer of 40 F (4C) it is the coldest of the Great Lakes. In the fall, two storm tracks often collide over Minnesota. One is from the northwest coming from Alberta up in Canada and one is from the west coming from the central Rocky Mountains. This collision of warm and cold air over the great lakes can cause some terrible storms! One such storm within my memory was written about by Gordon Lightfoot in a song called "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".

When I was a girl, my grandmother lived in Duluth within easy walking distance of this beautiful lake. Duluth, Minnesota is set on a hill so wherever you go you can get a view of the lake. My grandmother lived with two of her sisters near the top of the hill across the street from a park. I would climb up to the highest point in the park and gaze down at the beautiful view.

How I loved the little black and white lighthouse which stood as a sentry to the harbor! I loved to walk down to the lake with my grandma and walk along the pier to the lighthouse. I loved to sit on the hill and watch it flash at night, a shining beacon in the darkness for ships which were coming inland about 2,342 miles (3,747 km) from all over the world. Yes, I am a "midwestern" girl, thousands of miles away from the ocean but I was still connected to it in a strange way as I stood beside my grandmother and her sisters waving at ships from around the world and listened to the music of the crashing waves and the cries of the seagulls.

Since 1910, the little lighthouse has faithfully shone it's light and withstood it's ground, even in the fiercest of storms and the icy grip of winter which closes this harbor. It's construction is solid and it's foundation is sure.

As I think about this faithful little lighthouse, I cannot help but ask myself this question. Am I like this little lighthouse? Am I faithfully and steadily shining the light Christ pours into me to the world around me, even in the fiercest of storms? Am I built upon that firm foundation which is Christ or am I in danger of sliding into the cold and dark waters?

On whom do I stand? On whom do you stand?


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