On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

The classroom was filled with the noise of children busily engaged in working on their projects. Without a word, the teacher suddenly raised her hand high into the air. Several children noticed her, stopped what they were doing and raised their hands as well and placed a finger over their lips. Within just a few moments, everyone in the classroom had become aware of the teacher and 27 pairs of eyes were fixed on her with 27 index fingers placed over 27 lips.

The teacher looked around the room and noted that she had the full attention of 27 seven and eight year olds. Their eyes were on her, they weren't distracted by other things going on around them. They weren't talking. They were listening for her voice and were poised to follow her directives once they had received them.

The teacher smiled to herself. Now they were ready to hear and understand what she had to say. They were ready to learn.

Like those children, we get busy jabbering away, caught up in what we are doing. What we are doing might be just fine at the moment but then God wants us to move to the next level or move in a different direction altogether. Oh how He delights in teaching us something new and opening up our understanding more and more each day but first there is something He wants us to do.

He is holding up His hand and waiting. He is waiting for us to stopping chattering with the person next to us. He is waiting for us to stop merrily doing our own thing as if He is not even present. He is waiting for us to fix our eyes on Him, place our finger over our lips and listen. Then and only then are we ready to receive what God wants to teach us and do what God wants us to do.


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Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Ahh yes the value of concentration and attentiveness.

Love the example!


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