One Step At A Time

We live in a society which demands instant results. We're bombarded with advertisements about products which will instantly turn back the hands of time and products which will make us look like a completely different person. I saw an ad the other day which said that one did not need to change their diet or habits in anyway in order to lose weight and get fit. All you had to do was take this little pill before you went to bed at night. Then, while you are sleeping peacefully, all your fat burns away. In no time at all, you will be the shape you've always wanted to be. I shudder to think what else those little pills might be up to inside of you. Of course it could always be... a scam.

There is one sure-fire way to get fit. We don't like to use it though because it requires effort and sacrifice. It involves eating a proper diet in proper quantities at proper intervals. It involves exercise and getting enough rest. Now we might not mind doing this for a day or two but for the rest of our lives? No, we don't want to commit to that. We want to get quick results so we can go back to doing things our way.

This happens with things like finances too. We want a quick fix. We get into a big mess simply because we bought things we couldn't afford and then we whine and cry, begging God to send us some money so we can get out of the big hole we dug ourselves into. When He does help us, what do we do as soon as we're back on stable ground? We go right back to our old ways and climb down into that pit again. Sigh...we've all been guilty of this at one time or another. Some of us... well... we've gotten rather good at doing this.

When we become a new creation in Christ, our sins may have been forgiven and our hearts may have been cleansed but we have some habits. Sometimes God instantly delivers us from those habits but other times He says, "I want you get rid of those habits and replace them with new ones. I can help you do that but I want you to roll up your sleeves and get involved in the process." Why so that we can avoid falling back into those habits, develop good new habits and teach others how to do the same.

Getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with new ones is seldom easy. However, with God's help it is possible... one step at a time.


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Tyler Boettcher @tyler0940 ·

GREAT Blog series!!!!

This is SO true! [quote]We live in a society which demands instant results.[/quote] It's strange how our world today especially here in America, everything is about instant gratification. Especially when you brought up the ad add which you didn't need to change your daily routine just take this pill, lol! I know that one way to loose weight is to simply eat healthier, exercise, and to watch proportions is also a big thing. Soft drinks for example keep getting bigger and BIGGER and cheaper it seems. and I've seem some places where the biggest soft drink size is cheaper than the smallest

Personally I used to drink Gatorade every day back in high school up until I graduated in June 2008, but with that came cavities. I stopped drinking that and for the passed 2-3 years I've only been drinking water and I've had two Gatorades this year, and I don't even remember when I had pop last. I've also stopped eating fast food as often. I'm a HUGE fruit person so a wide assortment of that. I've maintained my weight for a year or two and when I went to the doctor yesterday I was eight pounds lighter than I thought I was! :eek: I wasn't even trying to lose weight! :eek:

I've never had a money problem because I never had a lot because I could never find employment. I don't have to worry too much about this yet since I'm still living with parents while I attend college full time. I just got a job last January where I'm a security guard and work on weekends and I've only brought two things with the money that I've earned which was a game and a DVD (Both cost around $50), but other than that I have been saving all the money I have earned from the job and I've avoided spending on things that I really don't need.

I've always been a saver and not a spending, and I'm really glad and BLESSED that I'm not tempted to go out and spend it at all because I know family members who have or had lived from paycheck to paycheck and I don't want to live like that. I also always tell myself that I work for the "Glory or God", and not for the money or for myself because if it wasn't for God I wouldn't even have a job in the first place!

You're spot on with your Blog Series, thank you for writing it sister!

Jesus Loves you,