Oops... I Didn't Mean to!

I discovered something rather surprising here at CB today. I discovered that someone who I thought was my friend... wasn't. Now before you start to think that someone did something terrible to me, I think I'd better explain.

I thought this person was my friend. I mean, we would read one another's blogs and write lovely comments. We would run into one another sometimes in chat and have some time of fellowship peppered with laughter. Why we would even meeting up together at the CB prayer meeting and pray together as well as for one another. In short, it sure sounded like we were friends but today, much to my shock, I discovered we weren't. You see today I learned that... I had never sent her a friend invite. doh.gif

Now it would have been very easy for my friend to have become offended at me. She could have thought, "Humph! That Kprincess.gifis ignoring me. She doesn't want to be my friend because she has never sent me a friend invite!" She could have thought that but she would have been wrong. I had simply committed an "Oops!"

I cannot help but wonder how many times we allow an "oops" to contaminate our relationships. Someone seems to be ignoring us when in reality, they were lost in thought and didn't see us. Someone says something thoughtless or the words they meant to say didn't come out quite right. They didn't mean to hurt our feelings but without any explanation, without any attempt to clarify things, we walk off in a huff and another relationship has been broken.

The reality of it all is that every one of us has committed an "oops" at one time or another in our lives. It is easy for us to slip into being self-centered. It is easy for us speak before our brain is fully engaged. It is easy for us to get distracted and neglect to do something or overlook someone. Sometimes our actions are intentional but I think that a great deal of the time we simply goofed.

God gives us grace. Do we extend grace toward one another?

Oh and by the way, today when I discovered my "oops", I quickly set about to make it right. I am happy to report that my friend graciously accepted my invitation to be my friend and now everyone can see that we are indeed friends. Whew!


K princess.gif

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Billy Beard @billyb ·

Yes, I have quite a list of them 'oops'. But at my age and with my memory, I probably done forgot some.

You did what we all need to 'do'. God Bless Sister. billy

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

K :princess: You have a wonderful way of blogging on the hum drum aspects of life and turning them into a great up lifting blog. I wish I had that gift.



Beth M @blest ·

[quote]It is easy for us speak before our brain is fully engaged[/quote] LOVE that line! Oh how many times! :doh: How MANY times!

wonderful blog... I echo exactly what WMJ said... exactly!

and blessings, blest

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Oh K :princess: I did that myself. I was sure I had done a friend request and not sure why it hadn't been accepted then realized I had not sent one. :eek:

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