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Years ago, I read an edited version of a book by George MacDonald entitled, "What's Mine's Mine". It is the story of a 19th century Highland chief who struggles to retain a remnant of his land and keep his remaining people together. He is a godly man who believes God has called him to be a leader and a helper to his clan. He has the heart of a servant except for his fierce pride in regards to his land!

At length, he came to understand that all that he possessed belonged to God and he was merely God's steward. In order to provide the means for his people to be "saved" and have a better life, he had to sacrifice the land.

Perhaps long ago, my ancestors faced a similar struggle as they left all that they knew and embarked for a new land. I can only guess at their reasons for leaving. In my own family, I used to notice the sad look which came over my grandmother's face as she reminisced about the land which had been in her family for a mere 70 years, the land upon which my mother was born, land which had to be sold in order to survive. It could not have been an easy decision to make.

The Chief could not have known that in releasing the land he possessed to God, he was actually opening the door to one day return, not to just the poor remnant of land which he had left but to land which the generation before him had sold.

When we stand before God with open and empty hands, we are opening them up to be filled by God. As God fills our hands, they overflow and pour out onto those around us. I am not talking about material blessings although they can sometimes be a part of it! I am talking about something far more valuable; the blessings of God which no one can ever take away from us!

If you have been blessed, have you in turn blessed others or do you close your hands into a clenched fist? Consider the clenched fist. Nothing can flow out of it but at the same time, nothing can flow into it. You may dispute that. You may say, "Look at all I have! Surely God has blessed me!" Are you sure it is really from God or is it merely from the enemy as a sort of temporary "reward" for having a selfish, unloving heart?

May we all be able to stand before God with open hands and instead of saying "What's mine's mine" we say "Everything is God's and I am His faithful steward."


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Okay, this is one of those blogs I have a hundred things to say and can't get a single thing said. To close to home, as I am a very selfish person deep inside. Over the years as the Lord patiently pried my fingers open I have never been disappointed. And still as my walk grows closer to Him I feel my clenched fist tighten on the next lesson.

It is a battle for me that causes me to stand in stunned awe when I look to Jesus open arms and hands during his whole walk as a man.
'As the Father has sent me out, so I send you.'

Most needed posting, often on these that touch close to the heart one gets few if any replies.

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