Our Connection To God Never Fails

It started last evening. I tried to hop on a well-known breast cancer sound-off board which I haunt. Oh no. I got a strange looking screen with an error message which was written in big, ominous-looking letters. Oops. I must have made some sort of mistake. I tried it again only to be thwarted in my attempt. I tried the survivors' board. Hmm. That one seemed to work just fine but that board is not used as much as the sound-off board. I guess my fellow sisters and I just like to "sound-off" more. I gave up for the night and moved on to more friendly territory (like CB :))

This morning I hopped on quickly just to see if I'd gotten a response to a post I'd done. Oops. There was that error message once again. It wasn't that big of a deal for me. I could come back later. However, I suddenly started to think about all of the women in treatment who visit it daily for support. I thought about how every day there seems to be a post which starts out: I'm new here and I'm very afraid.

When we see posts like that, those of us who have traveled that road move in quickly to reassure the poster that she is not in this alone. She has sisters she can call on for help, advice, prayer, venting, etc. Cancer has made a lot of us night owls and also caused many of us to lose our jobs. This means someone is usually available to lend support both day and night.

When life becomes overwhelmingly frightening, it is important to feel connected to someone. From the very beginning God intended us to interact with one another. Even those who are typically loners would find themselves craving company if there suddenly really was no one around anywhere...at all.

Man-made connections are going to fail. Sometimes the lines are cut deliberately by those who claim to care but you discover they really don't. Their words of compassion were just that...nothing but empty words. Other times, the lines are cut unintentionally. You meant to stay in touch but stuff just happens and before you know it everyone has moved 17 times and no one can find each other anymore. Other times, the connection just can't be made. No person can be there 24/7 and it is unreasonable for us to expect them to be.

Fortunately, as Christ-followers, we have a connection that will never fail. God means everything He says, period. Nothing God says is empty words. It is impossible for God to lose track of us. We may move 17 1/2 times but God is with us every step of the way. God, unlike us, is able to be there for us 24/7 whether we think he is or not.
When we try to connect with God, we never get an error message. Sometimes we may think it is not going through but I think that's usually because we don't really like how that connection is playing out. We want to call the shots and we want God to tell us only the things we like to hear and ask us to only do the things we like to do. In that case, we're the ones sending out an improper error message, not God. His connection to us is always open but that's not to say we don't sometimes try to close the connection on our end.

Now, as far as that message board is concerned, there's been a message all day saying that the board is offline. They're trying to figure out and repair the problem. That message was posted at 8:30 a.m. and it is still up. Women who are survivors are slipping in the back way and piggy-backing in on old messages or going to one of the boards which are still opened. Unfortunately the newbies don't know about all of this and they're the ones who need the connection restored the most. I'm praying that the connection will be back up soon.

As far as my connection to God is concerned, I need to take it very seriously and use it. I need to do my best to make sure things don't try to shut down on my end. I need to remember that even if it does breakdown, God always knows exactly what to do and how to get things up and running properly again.

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