Our Precious Inheritance

It started with the enemy, this desire for something more. Living in the presence of God just was not enough... he wanted to be God and he's not. I'm very thankful he is not, aren't you?

Bent upon destruction, in trying to "get back at God", he approached Adam and Eve seeking to drag them down along with him. It is not enough to have dominion over the earth. It is not enough to walk with God and see Him face to face. It is not enough to be loved by God. It is not enough! You need to be God and you can do it! This was the lie which they were told and which they embraced and it is the lie which wraps itself around their children, binding them and enslaving them.

As Christians, we are not immune to this lie. In fact, the enemy is relentless in his efforts to entrap us with this lie over and over and over again. Not content with our inheritance, we push God aside in our pursuit of the riches of this world whether they be fame, fortune or other pleasures of this world. Does God insist that we be beggars out on the street never enjoying anything in life whatsoever? No, but when we are seeking these things above God it becomes sin. We don't look at it that way but that is what it is. This is what God meant when He said we shall have no other gods before Him. That is the first commandment. The second commandment is the one that talks about creating a physical image and worshiping it. As Christians, most of us probably do not struggle much with the second one. It is the first one that creeps up on us unaware.

David declared:

Why oh why is the focus of so many churches on what God can "give" you and not on Him? Why must we pursue this or that but fail to pursue God? He has given us Himself, the most precious thing there can ever possibly be and we shove Him aside for what? A bigger bank account? More "stuff"? A better house? A better job? Personal accolades? This is the inheritance we seek instead of God?

Many people will deny they are doing this. They will even quote scripture to prove it. They will insist that God has told them to ask anything and He will do it so they are simply doing what God's Word has told them to do, right? Hold on a moment. Something does not seem quite right here. Jesus suffered and died so that we could accumulate "stuff"? I don't know about you, but I find that idea rather repulsive.

Our hearts need to be like that of Job. Yes, God did bless him materially but what happened when the "stuff" was snatched away? What would you do if your "stuff" was suddenly snatched away? I had my health snatched away as well as my profession. The threat of having to file bankruptcy and even lose my home was very real.

Under the threat of all of these things, I had to and still have to remember that God alone is my inheritance. He is my cup of blessing. Though everything in this world be stripped away, I have everything for I have Christ. What more could a :princess: ask for?

Ponder this question and ponder it very seriously again and again and again. If you were stripped of everything, would you bless God... or curse Him?


K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·

Excellent blog.

In answer, I still yell and scream at Him. Did today. Why? Why? But I don't curse him.


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