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Over the past week, I've been doing a lot of traveling. While I have traveled over much of the U.S., this time I was traveling in New England, a section of the country I'd never had the pleasure of being in before. I was traveling with a group from the college my husband works at so I didn't bother too much about where I was going. My job was to be in the appointed place at the appointed time. Then, I would simply board the bus and get whisked away to my next destination. LOL! I am actually writing this from the west side of Chicago as the bus is making it's way back to Minnesota.

A comment I made to Alison Stewart (@kiwibird) a little bit ago got me to thinking about my trip and travels in general. Life is a journey! Sometimes we are treading a familiar road and we know what lies around the next curve but more often than not... we are traveling unfamiliar paths. There is One who knows those paths. Are we traveling with Him?

At the moment, I am facing some rather uncertain times in my life. It is easy to panic. It is easy to cry out to God, "This road isn't easy at all! It doesn't look right! The map must be upside down! You put me on the wrong flight, God! Let's turn this airplane, ship, car, bicycle or whatever around!"

When we commit our lives to God, He directs our paths... in other words, He becomes our "travel agent". Here's something else to chew on. It is impossible for God to get it wrong. It is impossible for God to get lost, get misdirected, get disoriented or mess up. If we are honest with ourselves we will admit that is sometimes hard to believe. I had a hard time believing it yesterday evening when got some bad news. We are always going to have moments when our faith wavers. We're human. That's not the problem. The problem is, what will we do when it happens.

I know what I did. I fought back the tears for I was on a bus with 33 people when I got some bad news and felt like I'd been punched in the stomach and was being hurtled in front of a truck. As we got off the bus and went into the home where we were to have dinner, I had to paste on a smile which threatened to slip. I tightly clasped my husband's hand and breathed a prayer.

As the sun set, I found a quiet spot out in the yard and with my husband beside me, I called my mom and choked out the words... "Please pray for me..." and she did. Not only did she pray, she prayed the Word of God. My mom doesn't fool around. She got out the double-edged sword and went to battle on my behalf.

No, what is happening at the moment to me does not make sense but I also remembered I do nthat my way is not necessarily God's way. In fact, I can say with certainty that God never does things my way; He does things His way.

Life is a journey! The path He is leading me on is an unfamiliar and difficult one. However, I am choosing to set my eyes upon my "travel agent" who is going before me rather than setting my eyes upon the path. He is my refuge and strength and I can be confident that if I Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

I'M not only praying for you a safe trip but your journey will be a blessing and encourage to many and your being open to God's will.( I will keep you up to date on my cakes , much to share with you.Thank you for always being a source of encouragement and your friendship when it mattered and God showed me when I didnt know it was.be blessed


Dear Sister, a great commentary! I agree--Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

Love, SC

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

[quote]In fact, I can say with certainty that God never does things my way; He does things His way.[/quote]

How true! God does do things his way and it is ALWAYS the best way. Sometimes things are done differently because we choose a detour and sometimes it is because others try to fill the route with potholes, road out signs and detours. None of that fazes God! He will accomplish his master plan if we keep our eyes fixed on him and allow him to navigate in all circumstances.

Father, I thank you for my twin. I ask that you bring peace to her hurting heart. Father, as she continues to fix her eyes on you I ask that she see your glory revealed. What the enemy uses to try and defeat her with, I ask Lord that you will raise in triumph and to your glory. TT knows where she is in you, she knows who she is in you. As she continues to fix her eyes on you I ask that you reveal your promises and glory. Thank you, Lord. Amen

:princess: :heart: :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Father God, I lift my friend to you today and I ask that you bring peace to her soul. Lord God, I leave her at your throne of Grace and mercy and I cry for mercy and rest for this child of yours.
I ask Lord that you protect her from the arrows of the enemy, protect her family, be her strength when she has no strength of her own. Surround her with your grace and fill her with your spirit.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister K, I don't know what bad news is but do continue to lean on the greatness of our God. There is nothing too difficult for Him. May He grant you peace in the days ahead and will guide you the path to take.

I pray that the Lord will build a hedge of fire around you and your family and will meet all your needs. When you walk through the water and the fire, He will be there for you and with you. Our God is good. :thumbs_up: Trust Him always.

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

K :princess:,
I know that God is with you. I know that He has his arm around your waist and is holding your hand. I know that He is faithful.


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