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Earlier today I was asked by a member how I could visit my friends B2Y and Blest this past week since they had understood personal contact was not permitted here at CB and if you exchanged personal contact information here, your account would be terminated. That's when I realized it might be time to write about one of the perks available to pledge and gold members here at CB. It is called the Personal Contact Information system (PCI).

First, for those members who have been here less than a year, I am going to give a brief history lesson. When I became a member of CB in July 2007 (my three year anniversary is coming up soon :dance: ), the exchange of personal contact information was not permitted, period. Then on July 16, 2009 the PCI system was introduced here at CB. This feature allows the exchange of personal contact information between pledge and gold members only. It is not available to free members. Also, any exchange of personal information must be done via the PCI system.

You can read more about the PCI and how to access/use it here . Make sure you read it very carefully before using the system and if you have any questions please ask for misuse of the system or exchanging information outside of this system will result in suspension and possibly termination of your account.

Oh, and here is a piece of trivia. I could be wrong about this but if memory serves me right the very first two members outside of testing to use this feature were none other than K :princess: and Kbird (aka Kiwibird). Oh, I remember how excited people were in the days leading up to the release of this feature and the excitement which erupted when it became a reality!

I, for one, have been very thankful for this feature and I would like to thank John B. Abela (@abelajohnb) for making this feature a reality. It has truly been a blessing to me and I know others have been blessed by it as well!


K :princess:


My friend sent me a pm saying she was trying to access the PCI but didn't know how to do it. So she told me to access hers, and I said I didn't know how, either, so I would send another friend a message asking him how we could do it without violating any rules. But before I could even send a private message to my other friend to find out how PCI works, the account of my first friend was abruptly deleted. Maybe it was discovered that she had already gotten personal info through private messages from other members here.

I don't know. But I'm not the least interested in giving out any personal information to anyone now.

Thanks for the information though. Perhaps it will help others.

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