Point Your Nose To The Sky And Keep On Flying

It has been a bumpy road over the past couple of weeks. The clouds have been thick and dark. It seems like the winds have blown relentlessly. Oh, there have been occasional breaks in the clouds. Actually, there have been more than a few breaks in the clouds if I really sit down and think about it. It's just sometimes it's easy to forget about the breaks in the clouds and concentrate on the threatening storm clouds instead!

The "little airplane" that's me is still pointing it's nose toward the High Places. Somewhere, up there above the clouds, the sun is shining brightly. Everything will be completely clear once I'm up there. I'll finally be up above the storms. I'll be able to look down and see the lightening but I will be above it.

I can't stop now! If I turn around, I will never reach the High Places. I can't see them but the One I know and love, the One of whom is is written has assured me they are there. Gravity threatens to throw me back down to the ground. My engines growl and strain against the force. Everything in nature screams at me "You can't go to the High Places! You don't belong up there. You're a creature of the earth!"

I'm so tired! It would be so easy to let go and just...just...what? Crash and burn? Annihilation? What sort of an option is that? I lift my nose a little bit higher. My engine roars just a little bit louder. I scream into my radio:

The radio appears dead for a moment. Silence. I wait in anticipation.

A still small voice says:
Then a strength which is not my own surges through me and I rejoice and praise my Redeemer who is my Helper and Deliverer.


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