Praise Him In Our Circumstance

Usually, when something wonderful happens to us, when someone blesses us in some manner, we like to tell everyone about. We are not satisfied with simply going out and telling one person about it nor are we satisfied with telling the story just one time. No. In fact, if you are anything like me, you love to drag it into every conversation you have. "Oh, that reminds me...", "By the way, did you hear..." "Did I tell you..." "You know, the other day...", "Guess what!" Sound familiar? Everyone loves to tell about exciting things that have happened and most of the time, we love to hear about these things as well. It is easy to testify about or praise someone after the fact but how often do we do so based on a promise only? I suspect we do not do that very often.

#0099ff">C-17°|F1°Praising God in the midst of the fire is an act of faith
There is a lot of talk in Christianity about faith and the lack of it. While I was going through cancer treatment and other health issues, a few people suggested I was experiencing those things because I didn't have "enough" faith. Enough? "How much faith is "enough" faith?", I would ask. Not once did I ever get a response to that question. I'm not surprised at that for to me, if you "sort of, kind of" have faith in God, you don't have faith. You have doubt and I do not believe the two co-exist. Don't confuse doubt with not understanding how God is going to work something out. That is something completely different. That is called... honesty. You can have faith and not have the slightest idea of how or when God is going to move. You just know that He's got you covered and He will not fail you.

That being said, it is possible for our faith in God to grow stronger. Indeed, it must if we are going to live victoriously. If you want to grow in faith, however, you must pass through "the fire" or be out in "the desert"... probably multiple times. This is where our greatest lessons take place. We find ourselves yelling for God and clinging tightly to Him because we realize we need a Savior... not just on the day of our salvation but every day of our lives.

When we are in difficult situations, we must remember that Jesus is Lord over the desert and Lord over the fire. We are not bound to those things. We are bound to Christ! When we remember that we cannot help but :dance: even in the midst of our circumstances!


K :princess:
You O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. Ps. 18:28


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