Prepared To Live

The area of the world where I live has what is known as a continental climate meaning that during the course of a year the climate ranges from subzero temperatures and bone-chilling (literally) windchills to heat and humidty that can sometimes rival that which is found in the Amazon Basin. Generally snow appears on the ground by late November and remains firmly in place until late March or early April spring blizzards are not unheard of. I have seen snow fly as early as September and as late as May. Sigh...

Growing up in such an area has caused me to be a bit obsessive about weather in general because in addition to blizzards, the area is also prone to sudden and often severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. I take storm watches and warnings very seriously and thanks to modern technology, I have not one but several applications on my iPhone that have weather alerts. Why? Because when it comes to Minnesota weather, I know that being prepared can make a difference between life and death.

Before winter arrives, I make sure my furnace is in working order as well as my alternative heat sources such as the gas fireplace and a couple of electric heaters. I make sure our winter gear such as boots, jackets, hats, gloves and scarves do not need to be replaced. I put away the summer clothes and get out the long-sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, sweaters, thermals and winter socks. Yes, I have winter socks. Cold toes are no fun but then you have the problem of sweaty feet which is not good either. You need socks that will keep your feet both warm and dry.

My husband and I also carry winter emergency kits in our vehicles. Fortunately, I have only had to use mine a couple of times and I was very thankful I had it! One time I had to wait more than an hour for a tow when my car broke down in bad weather. I was very thankful for my footwarmers, handwarmers and a nice warm blanket. I could even make a nice cup of cocoa and was thinking about it when my tow arrived. It pays to be prepared.

The need to be prepared is not just restricted to the weather. We need to be prepared for the spiritual storms we may, no, will face during our lifetime. The Bible warns us that we need to put on the whole armor of God and that we need to be watchful and on guard so that we might resist the enemy. Are we prepared?


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