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Have you ever noticed that once you obtain something, once you achieve a goal, you become dissatisfied with it? Sometime it takes us a bit to realize we are not satisfied but other times, we can move from consuming desire to complete indifference and dissatisfaction with what we possess in 30 seconds or less.

We come by this "quirk" rightfully. We inherited it the moment Adam and Eve decided living in fellowship with God with all the world at their feet was not "enough". If they didn't think that was enough, it is not surprising that we, their children, have that same mindset. We are a dissatisfied people always in search of something.

When we came to Christ, we found exactly what we were looking for. It is in Christ and Christ alone that we find true satisfaction, true contentment for our troubled and restless souls.

Of course, the enemy does not like this one single bit. Contented people do not wander away from God looking for something more. They realize that they have all that they need, in Christ. So, the enemy needs to sow seeds of discontentment and the way he does this is exactly the same way he did it in the Garden. He points out what we don't have and tells us that's exactly what we want. It's our right!

In 2 Timothy 6, Paul addresses a problem in the Early Church which is prevalent in the Church today. False teachers. As you read Paul's says about these teachers, think about whether or not any of this sounds familiar today.

Across America there are people standing in the pulpit who preach more about how God can bless you with the wealth of this world than they do about the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. They preach an easy path which does not require us to repent and turn from sin. We can walk the same, talk the same as if NOTHING happened to us when we fell down at the foot of the cross. Why it's as if... it's as if nothing happened whatsoever except now we go to church, shout a few amens and ask God to give us more "stuff".

I don't care how many theological degrees a person has. I don't care how good they can preach or how loud they can shout. I don't care how many times they cry out "GLORY!" or "PRAISE GOD!" I don't care if they live in a mansion, have 57 cars that cost $100,000.00 each and have their own private jet which they claim is a "reward" God gave them. If they are not preaching that we must repent, die to ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus, they are not of God and we have no business listening to or following them.

We do not find contentment in "stuff". We never will! True contentment is found in Christ as we follow Him. If God chooses to bless you financially, then recognize that He has given you abundance so that you may give to others as He has given to you. If you must look to Him daily for your daily bread, then recognize that God is caring for you even as He cares for the sparrows and thank Him for blessing you.

Let us seek true wealth... contentment in Him!


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Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

There is an old Christian saying that, "Money should sweat in our hand until it finds someone in need." Why is the simple truth the hardest thing for us to hang onto.

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