Quick To Take Offense

"But they didn't even ask me to join them! They must not have wanted me! They knew I was by myself!"

In the wee hours of the morning, these were the thoughts the enemy hurled at me as I awakened yesterday morning. I had not only been overlooked, I had been slighted and it hurt. That suggestion, the replaying of that moment in slow-motion is something the enemy loves to do when we have been "hurt" by the words and/or actions (or lack of) by others. In response to our hurt we lash out in anger. Oh, our anger may not be visible. We may not scream, throw ourselves down on the ground and behave like a two year old who has been told no or seek revenge but angry thoughts fill our mind about the believed perpetrator(s). We may tell ourselves we do not care but if the truth is told, we do. I know I did. I felt snubbed and I felt like I not only did not belong; I was not wanted.

Did anyone ever tell you that the enemy is the Father of Lies? That's what Jesus said (John 8:44) and we need to learn to recognize the voice of the enemy. God corrects and disciplines His children but He does not berate them. Egocentric thoughts are not from God for God is not egocentric whereas the enemy definitely is!

Recognizing those thoughts for what they were, I set my mind on Christ instead and when I did, I remembered how God had intervened on my behalf. Had I been left in the dust by myself? No. I had met a kind woman who took me under her wing when she saw I was alone. She showed me around, made sure I got to where I was going when I needed to be there and made sure that I did not sit by myself. God reminded me that I must not jump to conclusions and if there was indeed some offense, well, He would take care of the matter Himself. He didn't need my help or...  suggestions. 

I'm very glad I listened to God and turned it over to Him rather than let the hurt fester in my heart and ruin things for me. Instead, I cast my care upon Him and was blessed. I made several new friends. Instead of hurt, my heart was filled with thankfulness and joy but the story doesn't end there.

Before I left, I discovered something very interesting. The perceived slight was not a slight at all but a misunderstanding. These woman did not realize I had come alone. They saw me with others, assumed those women were old friends from my past who lived in Northern MN and didn't want to intrude so other than a polite greeting, they had graciously left me alone.

Many apologies followed when one of the women learned the truth. She was so very sorry. If only they had asked me about it! She felt so bad about the situation. Could I possibly forgive them?  I laughed, said it was an honest mistake and I should have been proactive. Of course, she said, "No, no! We should have asked and not assumed." You get the idea. 

Many years ago, I was told that it is never good to jump to conclusions nor should we assume the worst about someone and yet too often I do. How about you? 

We must learn to take our hurts to God and lay them at His feet. We must trust that our Heavenly Father will take care of us, not just our physical needs and spiritual needs but our emotional needs as well. Sometimes people do hurt us on purpose but sometimes...

Take it to the Lord in prayer.


K :princess:

 K Reynolds
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How many times have we let the hurt fester?