Rainy Days And Rainy Nights

How I love pleasantly warm and sunny days. Up here in "The Northland", perched in the middle of North America almost exactly between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, most days do not fit that criteria.

Now some of my CB friends who reside in more temperate climates have hinted rather loudly at times that I need to pack up and move immediately. They seem to think Minnesota is far too dangerous a place for people with my sort of health issues. Various locations have been suggested to me such asTasmania and New Zealand. LOL!

While winter is now finally past, today was not one of those pleasantly warm and sunny days. Strangely enough, I'm glad it is not. You see, although we had a great deal of snow, we also had extremely cold temperatures and... that means the ground has been frozen. A lot of that moisture just wasn't able to get down into the soil. We've been needing a good rain.

Today, we got it. It has been raining since mid-morning. It has been that nice gentle soaking rain, just right for fields being prepared for planting. We have gotten about half an inch of rain so far and in some places, as much as 3/4 of an inch. It will be raining all night.

With the life-giving rain however, there have been some other changes. The bright, warm sunshine has been hidden all day by the clouds which contained the critical rain. In order for the crops to thrive, both sunshine and rain are required.

There are those who believe that when they follow Christ, there will never be anymore "rain" in their lives. Perhaps that has been their experience but I know that has not been mine. While there have been many moments of sunshine, there has also been the rain. Sometimes there have even been some pretty horrible storms!

It is in those times of rain that I come to understand more deeply how much God loves and cares for me. There is no storm so fierce that He cannot reach me, there is no storm so great that He cannot still it... and if He chooses not to still it, He enables me to walk on the water. He will do the same for you.


William Stephens @eschator83 ·

You are truly sailing on a wonderful spirit in these blogs, thank you so much for sharing. Your wandering video brought me back to my home in St Cloud, a trip through 30 years of time. I forgot how much I loved those horizons.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Ahh yes rain days, I get many, many of those. Yet in my life I am blessed with more sunshine than rain. In fact if my life were compared to a state, then I would be in NC, some cold but a lot of sunshine.

Yet I whinge when I get a rainy day, maybe I ought to look for the teaching and the grace within that rain. Then I may just learn something .

I love your last paragraph my friend. It made me smile ( still lopsided though) .

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

ohhh. i dunno who suggested tasmania but i think they got it right!!
nice blog Lovely!!! :) xx


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