Reach Out And Jump!

Here was the scenario. Two people were riding in an elevator together late one night after work. As far as they knew, the building was empty. Both of them were reflecting on life, feeling that neither one of them really made a difference to anyone. Not really, anyway.

Then, the elevator suddenly jerked to a stop, between floors. One person cried out in despair for they were certain that no one would miss them... until morning. The other person listened and then... jumped. Nothing happened. They held out their hand toward the other person who stared at him quizzically for a moment. Suddenly, she understood. She grabbed his hand and together they both jumped. Due to their joint efforts, the elevator shuddered and then resumed its journey to the ground floor.

The message of this scenario does not escape me. When we feel "stuck", when we feel trapped, when all we feel is despair, God is standing by ready to take our hand. Sometimes we can't see that hand, sometimes that hand is in the form of the hand of others but stand upon God's promises and dare to believe His hand is there. His hand is there and He will jump with you.


K :princess:

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