Reconciliation With God--It Is Too Wonderful!

Do we truly understand what an amazing thing it is to be reconciled with God? Reconciliation means:to restore to friendship or harmony (Merriam-Webster)
We were created to be in friendship and harmony with God. This was the kind of relationship God had with Adam and Eve. There was no barrier between them. Since they were living in a sinless state, they could look upon God. They could commune with God. They could confidently approach God. He welcomed them and they knew it. There was no separation between them and God.

In a moment everything changed! When they heard the voice they had loved so well, they hid in fear and shame. The Father called and they fled unable to come into his presence. I am shuddering just to think about how lost they must have felt!

When I was a teenager, my dad taught ceramic classes at the outpatient clinic for disabled veterans. He would enter pieces he had made into state competitions and had won a number of awards. One of his prize pieces was a beautiful mallard which he jokingly called "Sir Francis Drake". One day, I was supposed to remove the pieces from the display cabinet and move it out a bit so I could vacuum the corner behind it.

I was in a hurry. I had this one last little bit to do and then I could leave. I had been told what to do but I thought that would just take too long. I decided to do things my way I would just slide the cabinet out...without removing the pieces. You can guess what happened. Amazingly, only one piece fell...the one that was prized above all of the others.

My dad looked up startled as he heard me scream. Before he could say anything, I fled in terror. What had I done! The evidence of my disobedience lay smashed in pieces unable to be restored to the original state. To say I was terrified to face my dad is an understatement. I fled to a corner of my bedroom, huddled up into a ball and just screamed and screamed. How could I ever look my dad in the face again?

My dad quietly entered the room. He had been completely taken by surprise by what had happened. My terror, I think, took him more by surprise more than anything else.

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