Reflecting On Where You've Been

As Christians, I believe it is very important for us to take time to reflect back to where we have been. I'm not talking about trying to live in the past. I don't believe that is ever a good thing. Today is the day in which we are living. However, I think that when we look back at where we've been it strengthens our faith by reminding us of what God has brought us through. It helps us remember lessons we have learned in the past or reinforces lessons we are currently learning.

As I was looking back through previously written blogs, I came across a blog I wrote which was entitled God Is Bigger. I posted it in the featured blogs if you care to read it. This is a phrase I have used for a good part of my adult life. Whenever I felt like I was encountering a large and very mean-looking "giant", I would remind myself that God was bigger. Whenever there was a mountain standing in my way or a scary path I had to travel I would remind myself that God was bigger.

After reading this blog, I happened to look at the date. I wrote it on September 3, 2007. Little did I know that on December 3, 2007, exactly three months later, I was going to have to decide whether I really believed what I wrote or was what I said just empty words.

As I took time to look back over the past year, I asked myself this question. Is God still bigger? To tell you the truth, this past year I've been on probably one of the hardest roads I've ever traveled. Everything I thought I had under control was yanked out of my hands. Is God still bigger?

I thought about the scars I carry as well as the memories. I thought about the enemies I encountered. I thought about how God's light would pierce the darkness and how he would wrap me in his arms. I thought about the people who would slip their hands into mine and raise up my arms towards God when I just couldn't do it anymore. I thought about the man at the farmer's market who stood before me with tears in his eyes as he told me the woman he loved was battling breast cancer half a world away from him. Would it be okay if he talked to me for just a few minutes. He was so scared and he just needed to talk to someone about it. If I had not been on this road, who would he have talked to that day when his heart was breaking?

Looking back over the past year I have to say more emphatically than ever that God is bigger!

K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

Hey K, so guessing youve figured that im rummaging through YOUR boxes in the attic at the moment. I promise i wont leave a mess! but seriously.. can we bring this blog back downstairs too??

its funny, I kick myself now, that for 18 years i spent my life thinking that i was the biggest thing out there... but than, i know some people who spent far more than 18 years like that. God is bigger than ANYTHING. As one who has witnessed/experienced some pretty horrific things, i can honestly stand up and testify to God being bigger. this is something im only realising now though and thats only because im in a position now, with Barb, where i have to reflect on where i have been , in order to move forward in life. Its pretty hard to go back and take the lid off the dusty boxes which no one has ever looked in, but its worth it. this i know.

So, im going to take this blog back downstairs with the other one, so other peole can read this one tooo xx

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

WOW! This was written back on August 22, 2008 which was two days after I finished radiation treatments and two and a half months after I'd finished chemo. I was recovering from radiation burns when I wrote this and it also happened to be written on my 27th wedding anniversary.

Yes Shani, it is only by reflecting on where we've been that we can truly see that God IS bigger than ANYTHING! You, my dear, are writing your testimony even as we speak. The story of your life, even the bad things which have happened, are evidence of the amazing love, mercy and grace of God!

Tell Barb I said "Hi!" 😉


K :princess: