Remember God Provides, Even In Times Like These

This morning I was standing to the left of the platform with another couple. Other teams of two to three people were spread out across the front of the church. The 11:00 service was concluding and the prayer teams had just come forward to pray with anyone who desired prayer. After a few minutes, my eye caught sight of a young man opposite of where I was standing. He was gesturing excitedly, talking to a couple of prayer team members. Suddenly one of them pointed in my direction. He caught sight of me and rushed over to where I was standing.

He was so excited he could hardly stand still. His eyes filled with tears. "Do you remember me?" he asked. Indeed I did. He had come forward for prayer last week. Another person and I had prayed for him. He had told us that he had become a Christ-follower within the past few months. He had come to Christ while participating in Teen Challenge. He told us how God had totally transformed him and turned his life around. He told us how he had been very excited to finally get a job at a restaurant three weeks ago. On Friday, he had gone to work only to learn the restaurant was closing. His job was gone! Would we please pray for him? He wanted to continue to trust in God no matter what happened. He wanted to work where God wanted him to work. We talked to him for awhile and then we prayed for him.

Now, a week later, he had come up front looking for me. He had some news for me. "I got a job!" he shouted. He started to cry. "We prayed that God would help me and take care of me and he did! God is taking care of me!" He quickly explained everything to the couple who were with me. I was too busy laughing and crying at the same time. The young man kept shaking his head in amazement. "God is taking care of me!"

I could scarcely contain myself. God had just proved to a young Christian that He is indeed the Lord God our provider. He had just revealed that He does hear our cries and we can trust Him completely, no matter what...and I got to see it from a front row seat. I'm still smiling :)

God is still our provider, even in times like these.

K :princess:


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