Remember, We Are Not The Enemy

The other night, while talking to a friend, they made a comment about how so many Christians feel the need to defend themselves, even against one another. I thought about that and I believe that is true. We often find ourselves fighting battles we not only do not have to fight; they are battles we should not be fighting.

It is very easy to come onto a blog site and feel that it is our responsibility to knock everyone else into shape. Is it?
We write blogs of our own of course but then often we go a step further. We start seeking out the blogs of others and start arguments ... oops... or does "debate" sound nicer but our purpose is not to "discuss". Our purpose is to get everyone to embrace what we believe to be true. Is this the way Christ would do it? I wonder...

To tell you the truth, I am not going to follow someone just because they claim to have a revelation from God. I hope you wouldn't either for anyone could say that. I watch, I listen and I pray. That is what we all should be doing.

ChristianBlog.Com is a place where you can be blessed and bless others! Does this sound familiar? If you read about CB before you joined, it should for it is the motto of CB. This site is unique in that Christians from many different denominations and backgrounds are members of this site. It is not about a particular denomination or sect nor is there a "list" of acceptable ones... it is about Christianity. We may have different viewpoints in some areas but we have one thing in common. We desire to follow Christ!

There is nothing wrong with writing a blog sharing what God has taught us. People can read it, study it, ask you questions about it and think/pray about it. The problem comes about when we jump on someone's blog and proceed to try to shred the blog (and sometimes the blogger) to pieces and demand that they conform to our way of thinking immediately. Most people resist this and in fact have the opposite reaction that what you had hoped. and to tell you the truth, personally I do not believe that pleases God. Is that the way the Holy Spirit deals with us?

I've been on this website for nearly four years and have had a number of long-time members tell me some of their ideas have gradually changed over time, as have some of mine. It wasn't because someone rammed it down their throats however. No, they never liked that one bit! Instead it came through reading the blogs of others, getting to know them a bit, asking them questions, studying the Word of God on their own to see if it lined up with what was being said and prayer. After all, we don't reveal these things to people, the Holy Spirit does, right? And if so, that means we must deliver it in a manner which is pleasing to Him.


K :princess:

P.S. Yes, I have learned this from personal experience, like so many others here! :wink:


Same here! I've had a couple "soapbox moments!" LOL I just want to encourage people-still growing in the Word! Thank you for sharing my dear Sister K and God Bless you and your family richly! Dave

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Sometimes zeal gets way ahead of wisdom and love, for sure. The subjects debated have been for 2000 years, I doubt that we will change much in that regard. We are warned however that leaven, wolves, false stuff, would come in, and all have. It will get all worked out in the end for sure. Great blog. Good message. Strait and narrow, not the broad and wide. God Bless. billy

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thanks for your wisdom and insight. my last job, they wanted me to do "sales". wasnt very good at it, but i gave it "the ole college try.what i just said, applies to most areas of my life now.( no k i didn t say baking , that's the "mcguiver" thing minus the duct tape and wd-40 lol be blessed

Robin Francis @findnrobin ·

I think that most christians just want to be acceptd... It saddens me when you see other believers who are in bondage and have not experienced the freedom of Christ, and yes, my first instint is to correct them, but ive learned to just keep my mouth shut. some of the meanest and rudest people I have ever met have been christians ( myself included!), I have found that I expected christians to be "perfect" meaning above all the fleshly junk and then I was let done when i discover that they are flawed and human just like me... .. We all want to find others who believe what we believe and sometimes it seems like an impossible task... it will be nice to be in heaven and have everyone on the same page, at last.- Robin

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