Remembering Who I Am In Christ

One of the reasons we often find ourselves struggling along the way is because we forget or do not believe who we are in Christ. So, exactly who are we in Christ? Jesus came to redeem us so that we might receive full rights as God's children. (Galatians 4:4-5, Romans 8:3). This gives us the right to call God our Father (Galatians 4:6, Romans 8:15-16) and we are now heirs to all God has. (Galatians 4:7, Romans 8:17).

We are not slaves, we are princes and princesses of God. Can you imagine what the reaction of a prince or princess would be if someone tried to tell them they were they weren't really a prince or princess, they were just slaves? Can you imagine someone with no authority ordering them about? The enemy has NO authority over us so why do we often listen to him instead of God's Word? We need to remember who we are in Christ!


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