Right In Our Own Backyard

I often here people express a desire to head for "the mission field" to win the lost. By this they mean that they'd like to take the Gospel to a foreign country and perhaps even go to an area where the Gospel has not yet been preached. We need people who are willing to do this.

However, something bothers me a bit. Despite the number of churches, I live in a country where people need to hear the Gospel as well. I see people who are in need of Christ. In our zeal to go into the all the world, are we neglecting our own backyard?

When Jesus gave the great commission, he told them to first start right where they were, in Jerusalem. This is where the Gospel was first preached. From there, it expanded into Judea, Samaria and then throughout the world but at first... it started at home.

I suspect that taking off for regions unknown sounds just a bit more romantic than going next door or across the street. Yet, we often fail to realize that as a follower of Christ, we are all on mission for God. Where you live is where God has placed you and He has placed you there for a reason. It is our responsibility to labor where He has placed us. In the future, He may assign you elsewhere but for now, let us be faithful... right in our own backyard.


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Amen sister!! The mission field just beyond our own doorsteps also serve as an excellent training ground for missions further afield!!

In His Love,