Running The Race

Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him.

1 Chronicles 16:11

I stood at the kitchen counter with a perplexed look on my face. The recipe called for 1/4 cup but where was it? I peeped at the recipe I was making and yes, it had called for 1/4 cup previously. I looked in the bowl and yes, it looked like I had added that. Sigh... I couldn't remember for there are big black holes in my memory at times. I remember immediately before something and immediately after but there is an unmistakable missing piece where I sort of check-out for a moment. I can't explain how this is different from ordinary forgetfulness. I only know that I can tell when I have merely forgotten a memory I had tucked away in my mind and when the memory was never even formed to begin with. You can't even attempt to remember it because there is no memory to even unearth. It is as if it never happened.

Though I did not remember using that measuring cup just moments before, the evidence clear that I had but where was the cup? I tried to mentally backtrack and try to remember using the cup but I couldn't. There was nothing there to remember.

I could have given up at this point. I could have simply said, "Oh, well." and moved on but I didn't. Though I didn't have any memory of it, the evidence was clear. I had recently used that cup therefore it must be in the kitchen somewhere so I began to look for it. I was glad my kitchen is not very big.

I checked the drainboard. Then I looked in the sink, checked the dishwasher, checked the place where I store my measuring cups, looked on the counter, looked on the table, looked under the table and looked in the cupboards and drawers. I even peeped inside the refrigerator, oven and microwave.

When I was unsuccessful, I even called my husband and asked him to help me solve the mystery. Finally, after a fruitless search, he asked me if I'd put it in the sink. I had no idea. He peered down into the garbage disposal and found... the missing measuring cup (it is black). HOORAY!!!!

The Apostle Paul likens the Christian life to running a race. Far too often, we get tired, distracted or discouraged. We want the glory of finishing the race but we don't want to do the running. We don't want to seek after the prize, we want it simply handed to us on a silver platter. God on the other hand calls us to seek Him, not for just a few moments but for a lifetime. He wants us to continually seek Him. Are we?


K :princess:

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Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

What a great example of being determined to finish the race and receive the prize!

Blessing my Friend

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Enjoyed your blog K. God Bless. Billy.