Seeing Things From God's Perspective

I left school at 1:30 today because I had to go in for a biopsy. As I stepped into the parking lot, I pulled off my hood and mittens and unzipped my jacket. It was too warm! I checked the temp when I got into my van. It was 24 degrees. We were having a heat wave!:)

Those of you who reside in warmer climates are probably looking like this about now :eek: so I guess I'd better explain. The first part of the week, our highs were below zero. On Monday and Tuesday we had some brisk winds so our wind chills dropped down to about -30 (F) at times. The other day, it was -14 (F) when I was driving to school. That was the actual air temperature. So, that means the actual air temperature had warmed up by 38 degrees. If you factor in the wind chills from a couple of days ago, it actually felt 54 degrees warmer.

Now, if it was July, I would be freezing. Yes, it does actually get hot up here...sometimes. We average about six days in the 90's, sometimes more and sometimes less. We even hit 100 on occasion but it is humid (yuck!). I don't get a chance to feel that much. My husband is firm in his belief that I will melt in the hot weather. He thinks I have anti-freeze instead of blood and I'm half snowman er...woman. He makes sure I have access to air conditioning, lakes, shade, etc. as much as possible.

I have to confess that 24 degrees is pretty chilly in the fall however, after tangling with an Alberta Clipper for a few days, 24 degrees is tropical. Is 24 degrees actually warmer in December or January? No. Of course not. The only thing that has changed is my perspective. I've adapted to colder temperatures therefore it now seems warm.

This causes me to scoff at visitors from warmer climates who are huddling at the Mall of America complaining "It's cold!"
"It's not that cold!" I retort. "Aren't you hot bundled up like that?" I try to convince them they really don't need all that stuff on but for some reason they never trust me. (sigh) Oh well.

I started thinking about how often we view things from our own perspective. We think everyone should do everything exactly like us, talk exactly like us, think exactly like us, etc. While that may sound reasonable on the surface, in reality there is a problem with that way of thinking. You see, some of what we think is actually more of our own opinion rather than fact. We are seeing things from our own perspective rather than from God's.

When you think about it, in the end our opinion really doesn't matter much. We can argue about this and that all we want but in the end, only God's opinion matters. I don't know about you, but I think I need to make sure I am seeing things from God's perspective rather than my own. It doesn't just magically happen. It will happen when we pursue God and lay aside our own will, need to be right, our own ideas and biases and offer them up to Him.

I believe when we start doing that we will begin to grow in ways we never imagined. People will start seeing Christ rather than us and we will finally obtain the unity Jesus prayed for back in the Garden of Gethsemene.

May we learn to see things from God's perspective rather than our own and follow His way rather than our own.

K :princess:

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

You have my permission to laugh at me on Monday 12/29 when I leave Atlanta and fly into MSP. It was 62 degrees here and I walked the dog wearing short sleeves. It's going to be sooo cold there!

But okay. Enough of that.

It is all in our perspective - or should I say HIS perspective. And His perspective is not ours, it is higher than ours. I think as soon as we realize that our perspective is warped and misshapen by living in a fallen and sinful world, we can begin to grasp His perspective.


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