Shortcut Up Ahead!

This weekend my daughter-in-law and I have been busy preparing my home office for painting. Back in 1990 when the house was built, some of the rooms in the house were wallpapered. It wasn't bad wallpaper but I am simply not a big fan of wallpaper. When we bought our house five years ago, I figured I could remove the wallpaper... eventually. It wasn't exactly high on my priority list, serious illnesses came my way and so stripping the wallpaper and painting slide even further down my list. Besides... I have to confess, since I'm not a fan of wallpaper... I've never had it now so I uh... have never had to deal with either putting it up or sigh... removing it. Having to learn a new skill (and I really am not an "artistic" person at all so I have little interest in this skill) made this chore come out on the bottom of my list.

At this point my favorite daughter-in-law comes onto the scene. My son is my one and only so yes, she is my favorite daughter in law! :mrgreen: She is a very artistic and creative young woman. All I had to do was mention that at some point in time I had the desire to strip the walls and repaint them. Knowing my talents or should I say my lack of talent, she told me she'd loved to "help" me do this over the summer. Unlike me, she loves to decorate and also unlike me... she is good at it.

While I will thoroughly enjoy my "new look", I must confess that when it comes to painting and such I do not like the process. This is probably because while I am in the midst of all the "drudgery" that is all I see. My daughter-in-law, on the other hand, loves the process. She is an artist who can easily envision the final result whereas I struggle to do so. As a result of this, I eagerly look for "shortcuts".

There are times when you simply cannot take shortcuts.

We spent several hours today stripping the walls of wallpaper and preparing them for painting. I fear that if I had been left to my own devises, I would have simply ripped off the wallpaper and slapped on some paint and been done with it. Yes, I would have gotten the room painted but what would it have looked like? It would have looked like I'd tried to take a shortcut and failed miserably.

My daughter-in-law was up early. I heard her and raced to get ready to join her. By the time I did, the floor was already covered with wallpaper but there was still more to be done. We had to wipe down the walls with solution to loosen the backing beneath it as well as the glue and strip all of the residue away until we got to the drywall. Then there were nails to be removed and spackling to be done. Oh and of course sanding as well so there would be a nice smooth finish. It is a tedious process and on a day like today, I am glad I have air conditioning. Oh yes, I also had to pack up and/or remove most of the things from the room including my bookcase. It is not a large room and we needed the space. My desk has a glass top and is extremely heavy to move. That had to stay as well as a file cabinet which we decided could double as a table as well when tucked away under a drop cloth like my desk is.

Although it took several hours, my office is now standing ready for a new coat of paint which it will receive tomorrow. I am confident that it will look wonderful when we are finished for we took our time with everything and did it right.

Often in our Christian life, we want to take "shortcuts". We don't want to do things God's way. We want to do them haphazardly in our own way. We think we know a better way, a quicker way but do you know what? Like me, we don't really know what we are doing. We must remember that God does and we must patiently follow His directions. Those directions may require a great deal of work on our part but when we are finished, we will be so glad that we did things God's way instead of our own. We will realize that our "shortcuts" really weren't shortcuts at all!


K :princess: