Show Your Best Face

I love to look at houses. That's rather strange because I am a miserable failure as a domestic engineer and interior designer but that does not mean I have no appreciation of a well-ordered, beautifully decorated home. With the advent of the internet age, I can curl up in a comfortable chair and browse through interior pictures of homes on the market to my hearts content rather than wait for an actual open house.

Lately though, I've been rather puzzled by the pictures I have seen. I have never sold a home but I suspect that if I were to have pictures of my bedroom posted on the internet where millions of people could see it, I would want everything to be in perfect order. I would want everything put neatly into place. I would carefully make my bed and perhaps even tear it apart and re-make it again and again until it was just right. Why I would even make sure the comforter hung evenly and the pillows were fluffed up and arranged artistically. 

There would be no signs of clutter on my counter. I would want everyone to see how much counter space I have as opposed to how little! There would be no piles of books in my husband's library. I would clean and polish my windows until they sparkled and no one would ever dream that I have a cat. I would not allow any pictures to be taken until I was satisfied that my home was picture perfect.  Why? Because I would want to present my house in such a way that people would admire it and want to buy it rather than whisper about how terrible it looks.

Apparently not everyone feels that way. This evening I was looking at a house with a list price of nearly $600,000.00. Things were scattered all over the kitchen counter and a brown paper grocery bag stood next to the waste basket overflowing with trash. There was a towel on one bathroom floor and small electrics scattered on the counter of the other one. The beds were so poorly made that they looked like they had been done by a four year old. They looked like someone had been lying on them minutes before and hastily threw the comforters over the pillows when they heard someone coming. There was more but you get the idea. It looked like someone had hastily attempted to "clean up" a bit before snapping pictures. It looks like this house has been on the market for several months and after seeing those pictures, I wasn't surprised. Yes, you do need to use your imagination and look at the "bones" of a house but it certainly does not hurt to give imaginations a little boost if you really want to sell your house as soon as possible.

This got me to thinking about how the Word of God tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). What do people see when they take a peek inside our temple? Do they see a messy kitchen with an overflowing trash can, dirty bathrooms and carelessly made beds with dirty clothes strewn about? Do they see dusty corners with things stacked in them? Is the floor sticky and dirty? Are the mirrors and windows streaked with dirt? What does our "house" look like?

Do we show the world our best face... or our worst?



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Good analogy. In Him, Les

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Yes, another great analogy