So, How Much Do You Trust Him?

As Christians, we talk a lot about trusting God. We get on our knees or perhaps even fall on our faces before the Lord and tell Him that we will go anywhere and do anything for Him. We will follow Him every step of the way... no matter what! Then... the unexpected happens.
You lose your job, your spouse leaves, your house goes into foreclosure, your child dies or perhaps you get cancer. Regardless of what it is, you suddenly find your life spinning out of control and you find yourself in a place you never expected to be.

It wasn't supposed to be like this! You are following Christ! You are supposed to live happily ever after right? Right, only we forget we're not at the end of our earthly story yet and until we are, we are going to have all sorts of ... "adventures".

It is easy to trust God when all the bills are paid, when your marriage and other relationships are good and when you and all your loved ones have their health. It is easy to trust God when you've got your dream job, you got a raise or everyone is giving you a pat on the back.

What if God doesn't answer your prayers the way you think He should? What if you get laid off? What if you lose your home? What if you lose your spouse? What if you lose your health? Will you still trust Him or will you follow the advice of Job's friends to curse God and die?

May we learn to trust God... no matter what!


K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

I love it when i find a blog that hits me right in the heart!
Like.. THIS ONE.

Its easy peesy to Trust him when the sun is shining and grass is green, But as soon as the clouds come over.. sometimes it feels like there is no way out and ur left to do it on ya own.
the next few months for myself are really gonna force me to put ALL my trust in Him thats for sure. i know it will be a challenge but as u said K.

'May we learn to trust God... no matter what!'

Love ya
Shani xx

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Trust and obey for there's no other way.. Well, there isn't any other way that is going to work. May I learn to trust God more and more as each day passes.



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