Spinning Your Wheels

When it comes to cars and snow, let's just say I am a bit of an expert. Growing up in Minnesota where snow is often on the ground from mid-late November until the end of March or early April, it was essential for me to learn how to drive in the snow. Considering how much winter driving I have done over the years, it is amazing at how few times I have actually been stuck but...sigh... it has happened.

Those who are not very familiar with winter driving often tend to make a very serious mistake when they find their vehicle suddenly off the road getting acquainted with a snowbank. They either press the accelerator to the floor and attempt to drive forward or in reverse. Usually that does not work. In fact, it is the worse thing you can do. You see, you have poor traction and the heat from the spinning tires melts the snow which due to the cold temperature quickly refreezes and you suddenly have a much more slippery surface. You are actually making the problem worse, in addition to this, you are digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole. It gets to the point where you are doing nothing but spinning your wheels and you are in serious trouble. Especially if you are on a lonely road on with subzero temperature and you can't get a cell phone signal. You need some help because you are stuck.

If we are not careful, we fall into the trap of just spinning our wheels. We go round and round about the same old things with nothing ever changing. We get so caught up in it that we find ourselves going nowhere. We're just digging ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole. If we are not careful, we will be unable to get out of this hole on our own. We will find ourselves stuck in a cold and dark place, waiting for someone to come and get us out.

When you "slide off the road" into a "snowbank", the first thing to do is recognize right away that you are in a precarious situation. As much as you want to continue what you are doing, you must stop or things will nly get worse. The best thing to do is to call AAA or other bystanders to come and help push you out of your predicament. If there is no one around or available, get your shovel and kitty litter out of the trunk (don't leave home without them in the winter time mrgreen.gif) and start using those tools to move the snow away from your tires and lay down some litter so you can get some traction. If you have no tools, gently press on the accelerator until the car moves forward and then release letting the car roll backwards, gradually increasing your momentum. DO NOT shift back and forth into drive and reverse. That's a bad idea as you can ruin your transmission.

When we find ourselves "spinning our wheels", God often sends friends our way who try to warn us about our situation. Usually we are frustrated and/or being stubborn and we are not thinking very clearly. We need to learn to heed the advice of others, take a deep breath and stop for a moment. When we do, before we know it we will no longer be spinning our wheels but instead we will be zooming down the road of life moving on to our next adventure with God.


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Photo Credit: Michael Pereckas/Flickr.com

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I certainly do not know much about driving in the snow - but thanks for the - and glad to see you are still blogging.


Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

you are right that we need to listen to our friends in times of personal chaos. Now, which are friends, and which are not? Hopefully, we know who is who. - bibleguy

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