Spring Arrives In Minnesota...Finally!

Today is finally going to be the day! I've had snow continuously in my yard since the end of November. This morning, the snow in my yard has been completely reduced to about an eight inch or so patch. We're supposed to break 60 today so I think it will be gone by tonight. We're actually supposed to get rain instead of snow tomorrow. Yeah!

Granted, my neighbors still have some snow. We lucked out because we don't don't have a yard on the north side of our house. We live in a townhouse (twin) so we only have yard to the east, south and west. However, the little woods behind my house looks like it is snow-free also.

This morning, I had further evidence of spring's arrival. Although I haven't seen any robins yet (of course I've been cooped up quite a bit more), a welcome scene did greet my eyes this morning. I was just worshipping the Lord at my piano when I happened to turn and look out my back patio doors. There on the patio were a pair of house finches. Father Finch was perched on a table as the look-out while Mother Finch, her beak clutching various odds and ends, inspected my patio and yard for anything useful. I watched them for a bit before they flew off in search of better hunting. I know there are some wild animals lurking about who would enjoy a tasty tidbit so I wished them luck as they flew toward the woods. They singing happily there as I write this.

All of this got me to thinking about God and his provision for us. We might not always understand what we truly need but God does. Sometimes we think God should do something now but God knows best. His timing is perfect. He knows when things should happen. Sometimes we want God just to magically drop things into our laps. While sometimes we do experience miraculous provision (I've experienced that on a number of occasions myself), more often than not, God provides us with the resources in order to do it. We can't ask God to provide for us financially and yet refuse to be good stewards. Instead, he often provides us with the job to earn the money that will provide for us but leaves it up to us to use that resource wisely.

Although these little birds were around all winter, they did not try to build new nests then. When the time was right, they set off to gather the materials and resources God has in place for them. They will build it up according to the design God gave them and hopefully, raise a family. I need to remember to apply this to my life and be wise with the resources God has given me. I need to remember to patiently wait for his perfect timing. I must never forget that God's plan and design for my life is the best...no the only way to live!

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

It is a spring day here in Michigan also. We have the furnace turned off and the windows open, very much to the excitement and pleasure of our 2 cats. As soon as the window goes up, the cats are at the screens. Hallelujah spring has sprung.
It was been a long cold winter for me.

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